fare thee well flock

November 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

farewell birds

I am now on my brief sabbatical, of undetermined length, between jobs. So my time is designated for resting, being healthy, and naturally doing creative things. I saw an awesome baby card yesterday with an octopus on the front knitting socks with a few different sets of legs and finished socks hanging out on a few of it’s other legs. The inside of the card said something about getting ready to be busy with baby. I’m trying not to be like the octopus right now, even though there are so many things that I want to sew and knit with my “free” time right now. I have told myself to enjoy this time and that there is nothing that must get done before the baby arrives. Which is true since the only this the baby really needs are the parents not cute mobiles and burp clothes (however I plan to finish both eventually).

One thing that I did feel like I needed to finish before the arrival were the goodbye gifts for my co-workers. I made a bird (above) for each of my colleagues with a tag that reads:

“It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird alone.”

It’s a fitting quote since the team works closely together and is truly a wonderful group because of all of the qualities that everyone brings to it. Leaving my co-workers was the hardest part of leaving work and I was happy to make a little something to give showing my appreciation for all of their support over the years. And to be honest, giving gifts is often more about the person giving them than the recipient, and these gave me closure from the team and the job as best it could.

The pattern is a hybrid that I made up based on the Spool bird pattern and the bird pattern from Last Minute patchwork Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.

farewell birds


the birds are everywhere

February 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

Spool bird mobile

Spool bird mobile

Birds do seem to be everywhere in the crafty world. Even though I think of someone that doesn’t like to follow trends (I learned the viola instead of the violin in 5th grade because it seemed unique and unconventional) I really like the birds. Eventually the birds will fall out of hipsterdome, but for now I can’t get over their cuteness.

I happened upon the Spool bird mobile at ohdeedoh. It’s freaking amazing and I really want to make a bird mobile now. I think the bird softies would look good as a bird wreath too. I’ve always been fascinated by mobiles, so this is an amazing combination of mobile, softie, and natural texture (the sticks) all in one.

We are currently without a camera since our little POS (“point and shoot” or other words you could think of) digital camera hit the dust. Actually it hit the cement in the processes of saving Martha Stewart Living from a mud puddle. We may get another similar camera while we’re saving for a nice camera. Hopefully I will be able to take pictures of some of the projects soon and post about them.

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