winter gardening

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snow and dirt

“The dirt isn’t frozen!”

winter garden

No need to wear a sweater or coat when it’s February and 40 degrees if there is sun…

warm bath

…and then follow with a warm bath.


Thank goodness for snow days

December 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Pdx snowcross country skiing

(left) Our street on the second day of snow in Portland. It was mostly ice by then on the street, and was latter covered with more and more snow after we left town. (right) Me attempting to cross country ski in the park in Spokane last Saturday. The best part was making tracks in deep fresh snow.

Lucky for me, snow blanketed everywhere (I mean everywhere I have been in the last couple of weeks) and I managed to actually finish some of my Christmas gifts, on time. I even wrapped and mailed a few before Christmas day. My biggest accomplishment:  making cards and sending them off. I didn’t get around to cards last year, or the year before. I took one whole day (paid days off are sweet) to make cards and I remembered how much l like making things to give. Usually I start things and then run out of time, and then I get really anxious about not having the gift done.

A good example of this is the unfinished scarf that I found in the closet at my parents house when I got here this week. Sorry Ryan, I think I ‘gave’ you that scarf for Christmas, ummmmmmm…about 7 years ago and never finished it. It’s blue and white ugly acrylic yarn with a fair isle like motif on the boarder, it’s kind of ugly. I’ll make you a better scarf to take it’s place- I acctualy have a pattern in mind that I have been wanting to do so maybe I’ll even finish it and give it to you.

These are the fabric cards that I made. The “peace” label can be unbuttoned and the card can be reused for other holidays or occasions. The inside paper can also be untied and replaced for the new recipient.

Christmas Cards
inside of card
back of card

Other handmade gifts we gave this year:

Homemade Pumpkin maple butter from the copious amounts of pumpkin in our freezer. We didn’t get around to carving our pumpkins at Halloween this year so I baked, pureed, and froze 2 pumpkins. I calculated that I could have made about 14 pumpkin pies, or a few pumpkins pies plus lots of other pumpkin goodies.

Pumpkin Maple Butter

Plein Air fingerless gloves for my favorite father in-law. He’s a painter so these might come in handy for plein air (painting outside) or the cold months in the midwest when it’s chilly even inside most places.

Yarn: Knit Picks, Swish DK (superwash wool), color: moss

pattern: original/ simple ribbed mitt with thumb gusset

Plein Air fingerless mittsmodeled by Lars

crafty white winter wonderland

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Yesterday was the Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Holiday Sale. I had been planning on going early and waiting in line to be one of the first 200 shoppers (so that I could get a goodie bag full of…well, goodies). Then our friend, and Crafty Wonderland vendor, Nate and his wife had a little baby girl on Thursday. The little one was early so Lars and I handled the booth while the new fam spent some quality baby time together. So I was defiantly early and had a good eye on the line, I was around the 20th person in line. This is my awesome catch.

Craft Wonderland loot

Ahh, the loot is good. I really like the little cute things like the acorn charm, owl bobby pin, and the “smART now” pin. The goldmine loot: LaceKnitting to go patterns- this will be very useful. And shniky! the bag is big. A lot of yarn (plus a small critter, thermos of coffee, and an emergency blanket) could fit in this bag.

Craft Wonderland goodie bag

As if a baby and craft colossal wasn’t exciting enough, it started snowing yesterday morning.  In case you don’t know the ways of the pacific northwest, Portland doesn’t get a lot of snow. Maybe every year it will snow a bit and about every other year the snow will stick. Almost any amount of snow means ice and “severe inclement weather” advisories. Having grown up around snow, and having lived in Fargo for 4 years, it’s humorous to see the city in a huff about some flurries. I personally love the snow and get really excited since we see so little of it around here. Unfortunately, the snow did keep a lot of shoppers away from Crafty Wonderland, especially as the day went on. But I think we did a good job of handling the booth and getting some sales out. It was a fun environment, (200 crafters and a bunch of crafty-minded shoppers) and it’s not too bad hanging our Nate’s beautiful leather bags either.

To end the day yesterday, I heard the rumor that school was closed for Monday. That means a snow day for me too. Now I am spending the day working on my own projects and sitting here in the library with my tea. There are kids with squeaky boots and layers of hats and mittens, followed by their parents saying “shhhhhhhh.” Seems like there is even more of a community around our neighborhood on these days with more people walking. Even a gaggle of dogs are hanging out together outside of the library.

Here are just a few of my favorite vendors from the show:



Kendra Binney

Lisa Johnston-Smith

Plants & Animals

Satsuma Press

Spincycle Yarns


Eden Scarf

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Eden Scarf

The finished Eden Scarf as modeled by the gift recipient, my mom. Again, it was a dark and gloomy day so the coloring is not quite right- but close. There was snow on Thanksgiving and the day after at my parent’s. It was good weather for staying inside and eating cookies and leftovers.

Pattern: Eden scarf, “Knitalong” by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown
Yarn: (leaves) Alpaca, (flowers) Merino , Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, Paprika

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