Easter garb

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Armed with a hot pink cashmere sweater I was able to sew a few things for the girls the night before the big egg hunt at our neighborhood park. One petite sweater with a large turtleneck produced…

…a cowl


Notes: I sewed the  ribbing from the waist of the sweater to the turtleneck, and wha la! The perfect addition to a dress on a cool sunny morning.

…and a bonnet and a pair of pants for the littlest one.

We must have used up all of our charm and grace at the egg hunt becase on Easter day the cute outfits didn’t last long. Bug chewed on a glow stick (left over from egg hunt #1, a glow in the dark hunt Friday night) in the car on the way to my parents house. Of course we didn’t suspect a thing until she emerged from the car with a pool of neon on her dress and white coat, and (supposedly non-toxic) ooze dripping from her mouth.
We finished up the day with one last egg hunt sans any more candy or glowing ooze.


Something to love

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Patchwork taggie
I was certain that we would be better at helping our second baby learn better sleep habits that we did with Bug. That wasn’t too demanding since Bug only slept for about 40-60 minutes at a time for the first year of life and was constantly attached me, more accurately the milk supply. So I was pleased when Little Bear accepted a pacifier to sleep and stunned when we were able to lay her down when she was tired.  I’m not saying that we are a total success, but has been easier this time around.

So in an effort to move Little Bear closer and closer to sleeping alone at night and for longer stretches (our pediatrician is good at concealing that surprised look that says, “your baby still wakes up 5 times at night?”) I have been sewing little things for the little one to love. Transitional objects you might call them.

But for now this is the plan:

Be more consistent with our sleep routine

Savor  snuggling with her soft, soft cheeks and those sweaty little curls she wakes up with

Try to remember despite how tired and grumpy I feel in the morning that this stage will pass, she will learn healthy sleep habits, and someday I will sleep all night long


The patchwork taggie has dot minky fabric on the back and just a few ribbon taggies on one side. I found that our little ones preferred the real tags on toys more than the typical taggie with ribbons all the way around. This arrangement has been received well by our drooling critic.

The popsicle fabric is Poplin by Little Lisette and the others are from my stash, or scraps from the wonderful $1 scrap bags at a local boutique fabric store.

I had to include this last picture because when I sat her down for the photo shoot she discovered that she can scoot around on her soft woolie bottom by pushing her sweaty little toes on the wood floors.

How to dress a monkey

March 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

Smocked dresses

I’ve been thinking about little girls clothes a lot lately in my day dreams. I have a secret agenda to clothe the girls in all vintagy  styles and hand knits. We have some wonderful vintage, or vintagesque, clothes from my childhood and Value Village. Many more ideas are floating around my head that I want to sew. But the patterns I concoct in my head are slow to fruition. Side note: I took a quick peek at a pattern book at the fabric store this week and I was sorely disappointed in the childrens patters. Perhaps I just happened to look at the worst one they had, or perhaps I’m very critical and should make my own patterns and buy patterns from  independent sewers.

Bug has a secret agenda to wear only underwear or pajamas, but not both. It was cute to arrive at story time with an independent toddler in pajamas for a while, but now I’m feeling like we all look a little disheveled and frumpy.

Little bear has a not so secret agenda to burp and poop on all her clothes. She is a very successful baby.

Sometimes we pull one of these smocked dresses off the line in their room for each of them. Paired with jeans, and a turtle neck in this season still, we meet my goal of vintage meets playful monkey with messy hair.

Springtime sewing

April 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

Bertie overalls from Olives Friend Pop, Autumn/ Winter 2010

So I didn’t set the sewing machine up in the closet, but just in time we have managed to start clearing out and organizing the “storage bedroom” as we call it. And since the weather isn’t nearly as cold, although we have been getting snowy flurries here and there, I feel like I could actually sew in there with a thick sweater on. I haven’t been very good about taking pictures lately but I have been getting some knitting sewing projects started.

I have been feeling totally obsessed with this cute jumper made by Olive’s Friend Pop and continue to lust over all of their cute collections.  Alas, I will never have the budget to buy high end children’s clothing. I had the brief thought that I could make up a pattern for this, but lets be serious people. I would be lucky to actually sew this with a pattern. I haven’t looked at the patterns at the fabric store recently, but last time I was disappointed in the selection. This vintage pattern (Simplicity 6157) is very similar. It wouldn’t be too hard to add the shoulder cap. The baby short-alls are super cute. Plan 1. search my moms pattern stash. Plan 2. buy the pattern online. I have this idea that I’m going to sew Little Bug something really cute and she is going to hunt for Easter Eggs in it this year. Realistic? No. Oh, and she needs a Winter bonnet like Meg to go with it too.

art lull

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Mondrian cake

Lars keeps up with the creativity around here. Mondrian inspired birthday cake by Lars.

I feel like I have reached an all time creative lull. I still stay awake at night sometimes creating new projects and working out the logistics and spacial nuances of sewing a this or that. of course I also tend to go to bed, or want to, around 8pm these days. Every so often I am woken up by Little Bug wake up with the energy to start bread. Baking is fairly creative although not so much when you are throwing things into a pot and calling it dinner. Finding coordinating outfits for Little Bug must be my other creative outlet right now, while I wake up Monday morning in the same shirt I wore Saturday afternoon.  Our extra bedroom/ storage room san heat is not cutting it as a craft room. Really it’s so cold in there I contemplate entering to quickly retrieve an envelope out of a box.

Half of our belongings are still in boxes. All of the important things anyway including almost all of the books, fabric and other office/craft materials. I’m thinking about setting up a sewing station in the office/guest room closet. This closet is the same one Little Bug slept in for a while in a travel crib when she started transitioning out of our bed and we were still finishing the walls and ceilings upstairs. With 10′ ceilings and a window it is a very nice closet. I would have to move some things and find something to put the sewing machine on (piano bench?) and something to sit on (foot stool?).  Or will I spend all of my time setting this up and then no time to sew?

FO parade: Ring Sling

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ginko leaf ring sling

Okay, does this not remind you of a vintage girl scout uniform? I like my color selections and I stressed over the ginkgo leaf applique, but I still think vintage GS every time I pull it out. The green and orange feel a little woodsy, in a good way. I use the sling when I need something a little more dressy than the Ergo. Since we didn’t use it when Little Bug was really small she doesn’t seem to prefer it but I think that’s because we are still practicing different positions that work well for both of us.

I sewed it out of linen with the hopes of it being cool in the summer and a since it’s generally a strong fabric. Maybe with the next little one we’ll use it more from the early days and have a better handle on getting cozy in the sling. Also, I think I sewed the seam on the fabric after it loops over the rings to far away from the rings, so the rings sits low on my body when the pleats are in just the right spot on my shoulder (this is a good picture of the pleats on the shoulder). Umm…well that was sort of hard to explain, but if you have used a ring sling I think you would understand. Either way, I’m planning on taking the stitching out on that seam and repositioning it so it lays in a better spot. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it since there was a lot of back and forth stitching to securely stitch it in place.

This isn’t the best picture, especially after I cropped our heads out (a small amount of privacy for my piece of mind), but you can kind of see that I sewed a pocket on the tail of the sling where the ginkgo leafs are appliqued on. The pocket it great, and a good place to fold up the sling and jam it in for storage when not in use.

I used this tutorial, it was very helpful.


FO parade: birthday bag

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-bicycle- selvage

Little Bug is into all sorts of bags, baskets, and boxes right now. Preferably the kind that she can climb into and stand in and/or carry around the house. Her bicycle birthday tote was finished a few weeks after her birthday but she seems to like it anyway. I have lusted over this fabric for a while, I even thought about ordering some online to make a mei tai style carrier but that’s just part of the long long list of wishful thinking. Then I saw a 1/4 yd piece of it discounted on the counter at Cool Cottons and I knew I needed it. This piece has some minor dye issues with the color so it looks a bit splotchy in places. I think it’s like buying a used car, now I’m not worried about the first ding, or accidental toss in the potty in our case.

on the school chair

Little Bug accosted the bag during the photo shoot, peeked in, and walked off. I think she needed to tote around some felt food and train cars.

accosting the subject

peek inside

toting the bicycle bag

selvage text

Ummmm…obviously I didn’t get back to posting my 2010 finished projects before the new year. I went to bed at 8pm and it was heavenly. Happy New Year!

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