baby quilt on the line

July 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Selje's quiltI took this photo with a baby strapped to my front (who wanted to touch and grab the camera) and with the portrait lens. I could have remedied the situation but I kind of like the blurry edges. Isn’t our old garage in the back cute? And the strawberries growing in the shady garden patch.

Here’s a close up of the front and back of the quilt.

front and back of quilt

I ended up machine quilting the whole thing around each block and then a zigzag around the border. I had something more involved and wonderful in mind, but I like the simple look too. I would feel sad that I didn’t hand quilt it but I’m so happy that I actually finished, and every time I cover up the little bug at night with her quilt I feel warm and fuzzy inside. The first night I put her to bed with the quilt she barfed avocado all over it, and the beautiful hand knit blanket from great grandma. It was a sad night being with a barfy baby but everyone is well and healthy now.


nine by nine

May 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

ready to quilt

I gave myself a goal of finishing a quilt for little S by her first birthday. We are almost half way there and I already have the quilt top done and pinned to the batting and back. I haven’t yet decided if I will hand quilt or machine quilt.  I was all ready to create a unique and fantastic quilt when I decided that I should keep it simple and not create more stress and frustration for myself. So I cut all my pretty fabrics into blocks and made a 9 by 9 block top with a boarder. Finished it should be about 44 inches square. I used lots of fabrics that I love and remind me of little S’s personality. I’m excited to finish and snuggle her up in the quilt.

An update on the previous post, there hasn’t been a lot (or none) of that self soothing since. We just received a Sleep Sheep as a gift from a friend. We are working on conditioning little S to fall asleep to the sound of rain instead of having to nurse to fall (and stay) asleep. Then I would have longer breaks to sew and knit…or do the laundry and grab a snack.

fall weddings

September 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

chicken love

This is the card that I made for our friends wedding we are attending today. The chicken design is not my own but from the invitation that was designed by the couples friend. The wedding is in their backyard (weather permitting since we have been getting rain this weekend) and I hope the chickens are invited too. At least I will get to see them in their coop.

This is the start of fall wedding season because we are attending another wedding on Saturday (in MN!). Lars and I had  our anniversary this last Friday but we are celebrating this weekend. For the last couple of years I kept insisting that our anniversary was on the 5th and Lars had to remind me that it was the 4th, the only way I could remember was if I looked at the quilt. So this year I actually remembered, but it was a busy day and we didn’t see much of each other. We had been planning on celebrating over the weekend anyway, but I remembered to wish Lars a happy anniversary on the phone when we talked in between busy things that day and he didn’t believe me. He made me go look at the quilt because I had convinced him it was the 5th for so long. But we have the whole weekend to celebrate and we have Monday off too.

Happy wedding weekend.

Elna & Ken

August 10, 2008 § 1 Comment


The quilt is finally getting some attention. We set up both of the sewing machines (yes! we got another machine thanks to my mom who found it at a garage sale for $20) at the table and have been frantically piecing away….well not exactly but we have been working on it. Lars started his first block and it was wonderful- after the tension was set right and not making ginormous knots on the back. I feel you should know that making a quilt together was Lars’ idea- of course I love it and embraced it. So his first block was great – not all of the logs were perfectly straight but it had a good handmade quality. The kind of shabby sheek look that anxious people like me have a hard time doing even on purpose. We had a total of about 5 finished blocks right now and none of them are really the same size (we’ll make them the same size in the end) so I’m not to worried about perfection. He took out his first block out and started again with a few curse words interspersed. Pretty good for only making a pillow in home ec before.

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