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OK mittens

OK mittens

Pattern: basically Teresa’s Lined Mittens (by Mavis Adams, Spin-Off- Summer 2008 ) without the lining (inspired by Orla Kiely Autumn/ Winter ‘06 collection)

Yarn: Cascade 220. pear and Doeskin Heather

I lost the camera for a few days, hence my absenteeism. It was in the camera drawer, of course, right where I looked for it five times. I really do have lots of things to post about, started a new quilt, at lease a few knitting projects, and need to give a worm update…so I will be back soon. Right now I’m going to make some cashew ginger sausage (well not making the saugsage but cooking it up for a yummy Fall supper).


Free Stitch Markers

August 31, 2008 § 1 Comment

stitch marker

No, I’m not giving away any kind of special stitch markers, but you can make these yourself for free in a snap. A wise knitter (my grandma) passed on this great idea to use short lengths of plastic straws as stitch markers. They are free (recycle one from a yummy milkshake) and they come in lots of different colors and sizes. The best thing is that when you drop it on the bus or it flies behind the bookshelf it’s no big deal. I keep a short length of a couple of different colored straws in my little notions bag that I keep with me when I am knitting and cut a new marker when needed. They can be cut really thin or thick and used over and over.

Right now I am still working on the OK mittens (old progress about OK mittens here and here) and I’m using different colored markers for the thumb gusset than the marker for the beginning of the row. Generally I don’t knit with size 15 needles or anything like that so I never need a really big stitch marker, and little straws work really well for small needles sizes, like for socks. I got the pretty blue straw along with a green, pink, and orange straw at an ice cream place on the beach. Another good reason to have a Cannon Ball (vanilla bean ice cream floating in espresso).

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