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September 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Harper's Log cabin
I started this baby blanket before my niece was born. I have now put the finishing touches on it and get to see her for the first time next week and give her the blanket. She’s about 9 months now, but hopefully can still get some use out of the little blanket. The squirrel puzzle is her Christmas gift so she will have to wait on that one.

The blanket is a 22″ square with Knit Picks superwash merino (which I think they don’t carry it anymore)

Since starting this blanket last fall I have happened upon some other log cabin crochet and knit items. See Joelle’s Giant Granny Square and log cabin wash clothes from Purl Bee


Elna & Ken

August 10, 2008 § 1 Comment


The quilt is finally getting some attention. We set up both of the sewing machines (yes! we got another machine thanks to my mom who found it at a garage sale for $20) at the table and have been frantically piecing away….well not exactly but we have been working on it. Lars started his first block and it was wonderful- after the tension was set right and not making ginormous knots on the back. I feel you should know that making a quilt together was Lars’ idea- of course I love it and embraced it. So his first block was great – not all of the logs were perfectly straight but it had a good handmade quality. The kind of shabby sheek look that anxious people like me have a hard time doing even on purpose. We had a total of about 5 finished blocks right now and none of them are really the same size (we’ll make them the same size in the end) so I’m not to worried about perfection. He took out his first block out and started again with a few curse words interspersed. Pretty good for only making a pillow in home ec before.

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