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inches of argyle

I thought that I had blogged about this before, but now it looks like I haven’t introduced the argyle vest yet. Please meet the first inches of Lars’ argyle vest. It has been a planned work in progress for years now, but didn’t really get a start on it until about a year ago. After starting the ribbing I looked the fear of argyle in the face and asked for advise on how to start at my LYS. That was a number of months ago and it turns out this not really that complicated, or as complicated as I think it seemed. I had a few errors and set backs at the begining since it’s a lot of work to get the hang of the process while reading the pattern chart and increaseing every 17 rows. So I didn’t work on it for a while, but I think I’ve gotten passed the trouble spots and I’m on a knitting high. The knitting high makes me want to knit all the time and not only this but a billion other things at the same time. Don’t worry Lars, I will finish your vest some day.

The pattern is from Knitting for him and the yarn is Knit Picks Palette: pool, navy, and sky.


Thank goodness for snow days

December 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Pdx snowcross country skiing

(left) Our street on the second day of snow in Portland. It was mostly ice by then on the street, and was latter covered with more and more snow after we left town. (right) Me attempting to cross country ski in the park in Spokane last Saturday. The best part was making tracks in deep fresh snow.

Lucky for me, snow blanketed everywhere (I mean everywhere I have been in the last couple of weeks) and I managed to actually finish some of my Christmas gifts, on time. I even wrapped and mailed a few before Christmas day. My biggest accomplishment:  making cards and sending them off. I didn’t get around to cards last year, or the year before. I took one whole day (paid days off are sweet) to make cards and I remembered how much l like making things to give. Usually I start things and then run out of time, and then I get really anxious about not having the gift done.

A good example of this is the unfinished scarf that I found in the closet at my parents house when I got here this week. Sorry Ryan, I think I ‘gave’ you that scarf for Christmas, ummmmmmm…about 7 years ago and never finished it. It’s blue and white ugly acrylic yarn with a fair isle like motif on the boarder, it’s kind of ugly. I’ll make you a better scarf to take it’s place- I acctualy have a pattern in mind that I have been wanting to do so maybe I’ll even finish it and give it to you.

These are the fabric cards that I made. The “peace” label can be unbuttoned and the card can be reused for other holidays or occasions. The inside paper can also be untied and replaced for the new recipient.

Christmas Cards
inside of card
back of card

Other handmade gifts we gave this year:

Homemade Pumpkin maple butter from the copious amounts of pumpkin in our freezer. We didn’t get around to carving our pumpkins at Halloween this year so I baked, pureed, and froze 2 pumpkins. I calculated that I could have made about 14 pumpkin pies, or a few pumpkins pies plus lots of other pumpkin goodies.

Pumpkin Maple Butter

Plein Air fingerless gloves for my favorite father in-law. He’s a painter so these might come in handy for plein air (painting outside) or the cold months in the midwest when it’s chilly even inside most places.

Yarn: Knit Picks, Swish DK (superwash wool), color: moss

pattern: original/ simple ribbed mitt with thumb gusset

Plein Air fingerless mittsmodeled by Lars

mini socks

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doll socksdoll and her socks

Mini doll hiking socks for a friends doll that she is making for a gift. The doll has a backpack and sleeping bag too so she is prepared for the outdoors. The socks took a little bit of shaping after the heal since the doll has such exquisitely pointed toes, but it seemed to work doing a basic top down sock. The first sock took me a while to do but the second one was a quickie since I had written down how I did the first one. I could become a doll sock, one woman, factory.

Other than making mini socks, I did a lot of sleeping this week. Now I should be ready to get lots of things done this weekend.

Yarn: KnitPicks- Palette (%100 wool), mist

Needles: #1 dpn


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Harmony needlesKnitpicks Harmony circular needles

I got the knitpicks interchangeable needles a year ago and really like that I haven’t had to buy needles in a long time. Of course I could always use a few more pairs in some of the smaller sizes, but over all I have been very pleased with them. The one thing that I hesitated about before buying them was that I really don’t like to knit with metal needles, I always prefer wood/ bamboo. Then Knitpicks came out with the Harmony interchangeable needles. I thought that was a dream come true- I could merge them with my current set and have an happy blended needle family.

Unfortunately, I think that the Harmony wood is, well… I think it is kind of ugly. Sorry Knitpicks. I know they are very proud of the beauty of the wood, but I really like the simplicity of bamboo and the natural look against my yarns. I am someone that buys wine by the label and am sometimes swayed by the look of certain products at the store. Who wants an ugly lotion bottle sitting on the counter? Not me. thankfully I don’t buy a lot of beauty products so I don’t struggle with that often.

My dilemma continued every time I lusted after having wooden needles in almost every size at my fingertips. Then I would looked at the Knitpicks catalog and feel disappointment about the harmony wood colors. Eventually I ordering a pair of the Harmony circular needles (a size that the interchangeable set doesn’t have) to try them out. Really I was thinking about how I could maybe stain the wood and make them less colorful. This would probably change the size of the needles or totally wreck them. I don’t know. Anyone ever tried that before? Well, it turns out that as soon as I took out the needles I really really like them. They have the wonderful smooth wood feel that I love. I think I might be able to handle the colorfulness for the Knitpicks price and quality.

I’m flying tomorrow for the first time in a while and was worried about bringing knitting needles on the plane, or not being allowed to and having to toss them at security. Gadling has some good advise (and other props) for traveling knitters- bring a self addressed envelope.

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