oxbow wind picnic

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

a cold picnic in January

Last Saturday we woke up to a sunny morning and knew that it was the perfect day for a hike. So we headed out to Oxbow for the first time. We didn’t really follow directions since we kind of knew where the park is, but really we didn’t know how to get there and drove around the surrounding areas of Gresham and Sandy for about an hour. Luckly it was beautiful and the view of Mt. Hood was quite nice against the fields of baby Christmas trees and nursery shrubs. Eventually we made it to the park in time to realize that it was beautiful and bleeping cold outside. It was chilly and really, really windy. Being prepared for cold weather we had our picnic (complimentary of Ryan) in a sunny spot- note the two layers of fleece that I’m wearing and the fleece blanket around me.

We did do a bit of hiking around since it was our first visit to the park and it was so nice and all. The park is on the Sandy River which is apply names for the sandy beaches flanking the water. Due to the recent flooding a few weeks ago, some of the trails washed out and huge deposities of sand covered new parts of the beach where they weren’t before. It was beautiful and exciting to see the natural effects of “harsh” weather. Oh, and we also got skewered by a falling tree branch. The high winds were knocking down things out of trees (like icy pine cones), branches, and trees them selves.

I heard that the winds in the Gorge that day were 90+ mi/hr. Rumor is some people had their car doors ripped off up at Crown Point. This is a video of some folks up there.


mini socks

December 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

doll socksdoll and her socks

Mini doll hiking socks for a friends doll that she is making for a gift. The doll has a backpack and sleeping bag too so she is prepared for the outdoors. The socks took a little bit of shaping after the heal since the doll has such exquisitely pointed toes, but it seemed to work doing a basic top down sock. The first sock took me a while to do but the second one was a quickie since I had written down how I did the first one. I could become a doll sock, one woman, factory.

Other than making mini socks, I did a lot of sleeping this week. Now I should be ready to get lots of things done this weekend.

Yarn: KnitPicks- Palette (%100 wool), mist

Needles: #1 dpn

“bury your crap and return”

August 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

swatting bugs
We went backpacking this last weekend to, ya’ know escape the city and the heat, and rejuvenate in nature. The blurry picture of me swatting bugs away from my face explains the trip well. It looks like I’m smiling but I might have been crying. Highlights of the trip included 90+ degree weather, near heat stroke, 2300′ elevation gain and a bad map. Did I mention the bugs? When we finally arrived at the little lake nestled deep into the Bull Run Wilderness we filtered some murky lake water to drink, went swimming with the orange bellied salamanders until we couldn’t stand the bugs anymore and then hunkered down in the tent until it was time to eat. I’m mostly being sarcastic but I loved the salamanders. After eating we spent some more quality time in the tent listening to flies buzz around and around. Of course clouds rolled in and we saw one star through the little tent window. Luckily we didn’t sleep very well so we could go out and put up the rain fly when it started to rain. We made it out of there and returned the crap shovel to the trail head before 11am (“bury your crap and return”-hand carved instructions on national forest sign). Oh, I’m not sure if I mentioned the heat and profound sweating.

I started working on my OK mittens again in the tent. I’m using a different mitten pattern because the other one had short rows that made incorporating the dot pattern much to difficult. I decided no to felt them, but I’ll knit in a lining like the other mittens I’m working on for extra warmth.

I didn’t get very many pictures due to my energy level but we were truly in beautiful surroundings. I would recommend this hike in early summer when the rhododendrons are blooming, the moss is green and the pikas are meeping. I would also recommend some physical activity for my self. I took a nap in the car and for 2 hours when we got home. Lars ran 12 miles. It took my calves two days to recover. Next time I want to escape the heat I’ll head to the coast with everyone else, or buy a baby pool for my porch.

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