baby foliage

January 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

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baby foliage hat

One of the best things about babies is that they are small and can wear really cute knits. Not only is is fast to knit small baby things, everything is cuter when it’s small. This mini foliage hat is charming on baby Tessa, and still to big for her wee head. Right now I’m also working on a few pairs of booties (love the Saarjes pattern) and other baby things. I’m going to 2 baby showers next week and know of a few other tots on the way.

Pattern: Knitty/ Foliage
Needles: dpn #1, #0
Yarn: Claudia hand painted yarns, %100 merino, paprika



October 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

hat before blocking

I knit up the Foliage hat at the cabin and started wearing it right away. This is what it looks like before it was blocked. And this is what it looks like after…not so different after all. I really haven’t knit that many hats, or at least ones that fit. I like knitting hats. I recently overheard someone say that they used to knit but just don’t know what to make so they haven’t knitted in years. I’m not sure what is wrong with the individual but I can think of at least, at least, 10 things that I want to make for myself right now. The list is longer for things I want to make for others. Right now I am trying to stay focused on Fall birthdays and Christmas which is right around the corner.

You can see a bit in the photo that I got my hair cut, really short. So far I like it a lot and just let it air dry and flip out into it’s natural puff. Some days I look in the mirror and think of the Quaker Oatmeal man and his hat- there’s quite a bit of flip on the sides these days. Now that it’s hat weather I can always wear a hat for a bit and tame down the flip- or just wear the hat.

Pattern: Foliage

Yarn: Cascade 220, Dune Heather

Needles: dpn #6 and #4

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