Watching the creative process

April 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

When young kids first tackle the art process it’s all about the process. I love it. It’s what I love about creativity and art. I personally also love the feeling of accomplishment and mastery, but 2 year olds would rather peel the paper off crayons and put them back in the container.

I love showing toddlers the basic steps of a task and then watching them practice and learn about the new experience.
Wet the brush in water
Drip water into the watercolor paint
Pull the brush across the page
Watch the colors emerge and blend
Repeat many times
My jumping, stomping monster becomes methodical and focused.

Recently we moved into a new stage of art development. Bug sometimes draws things. Really they are not much more than things yet. A scribble that ends up with legs and googly eyes. A circle or a line described as a bird. But she’s starting to designate meaning to her visual expressions. The picture above is Louie from Ezra Jack Keats’ book Louie’s Search.

The artist in me is happy to think that she will enjoy the creative process too.


art lull

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mondrian cake

Lars keeps up with the creativity around here. Mondrian inspired birthday cake by Lars.

I feel like I have reached an all time creative lull. I still stay awake at night sometimes creating new projects and working out the logistics and spacial nuances of sewing a this or that. of course I also tend to go to bed, or want to, around 8pm these days. Every so often I am woken up by Little Bug wake up with the energy to start bread. Baking is fairly creative although not so much when you are throwing things into a pot and calling it dinner. Finding coordinating outfits for Little Bug must be my other creative outlet right now, while I wake up Monday morning in the same shirt I wore Saturday afternoon.  Our extra bedroom/ storage room san heat is not cutting it as a craft room. Really it’s so cold in there I contemplate entering to quickly retrieve an envelope out of a box.

Half of our belongings are still in boxes. All of the important things anyway including almost all of the books, fabric and other office/craft materials. I’m thinking about setting up a sewing station in the office/guest room closet. This closet is the same one Little Bug slept in for a while in a travel crib when she started transitioning out of our bed and we were still finishing the walls and ceilings upstairs. With 10′ ceilings and a window it is a very nice closet. I would have to move some things and find something to put the sewing machine on (piano bench?) and something to sit on (foot stool?).  Or will I spend all of my time setting this up and then no time to sew?

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