October 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

hat before blocking

I knit up the Foliage hat at the cabin and started wearing it right away. This is what it looks like before it was blocked. And this is what it looks like after…not so different after all. I really haven’t knit that many hats, or at least ones that fit. I like knitting hats. I recently overheard someone say that they used to knit but just don’t know what to make so they haven’t knitted in years. I’m not sure what is wrong with the individual but I can think of at least, at least, 10 things that I want to make for myself right now. The list is longer for things I want to make for others. Right now I am trying to stay focused on Fall birthdays and Christmas which is right around the corner.

You can see a bit in the photo that I got my hair cut, really short. So far I like it a lot and just let it air dry and flip out into it’s natural puff. Some days I look in the mirror and think of the Quaker Oatmeal man and his hat- there’s quite a bit of flip on the sides these days. Now that it’s hat weather I can always wear a hat for a bit and tame down the flip- or just wear the hat.

Pattern: Foliage

Yarn: Cascade 220, Dune Heather

Needles: dpn #6 and #4



October 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

OK mittens

OK mittens

Pattern: basically Teresa’s Lined Mittens (by Mavis Adams, Spin-Off- Summer 2008 ) without the lining (inspired by Orla Kiely Autumn/ Winter ‘06 collection)

Yarn: Cascade 220. pear and Doeskin Heather

I lost the camera for a few days, hence my absenteeism. It was in the camera drawer, of course, right where I looked for it five times. I really do have lots of things to post about, started a new quilt, at lease a few knitting projects, and need to give a worm update…so I will be back soon. Right now I’m going to make some cashew ginger sausage (well not making the saugsage but cooking it up for a yummy Fall supper).

completed Circle rug

September 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

circle rug

Just in time for the chilly weather that has started to roll in and make the floors cold, I finally finished the circle rug I started way back when. More pictures at Flickr. Before the circles were felted they looked like baby berets, especially when my little nephew put them on his baby head. Turns out that half done knitting projects make good toys for little ones to throw around and put back into a basket.

Pattern: Table Runner pattern from Felt Forward by Maggie Pace

Yarn: Cascade 220/colors: New Lavender, Granny Smith, Maiz, Vandyke Brown, Doeskin Heather, Gris, Sky) and Knit Picks-Wool of the Andes in Carrot

I made more circles than the table runner pattern so the rug would fit nicely in the space between my side of the bed and the window. I have thought of the fact that felted yarn on hardwood floors= slips, trips and falls (or STF as they call them at my workplace- very serious and very dangerous they tell me). My plan was to sew some of that rubbery stuff that one puts under a rug so one doesn’t fall. But so far it’s not as slippery as I thought. I also haven’t decided what side I like better.

front and back of circle rug

Since I hand felted all of the circles, even the ones that I put through the machine, they each have an individual look and some are felted more than others. The dark blue ones have almost no stitch definition and are velvety soft. The orange, that I thought was Cascade 220 too and turned out to be a different yarn, didn’t felt as well and looks more ragged. So what I am trying to say is that the back looks smoother but I also like the way the front looks and I don’t really want to decide what side I like better yet. I think I will see if I hurt myself and experience a STF before I sew on the backing. That’s the lazy way. A good pair of felted slippers will complete my mission against cold feet this winter.

labeling and sorting

August 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

yarn swatch

I couldn’t continue with my weekend cleaning yesterday without organizing yarn labels into my notebook. It has been about a year since I pasted in labels but I have been saving them in different drawers, bags and baskets. Originally the note book was for recording project details alongside a bit of the yarn and label. Now if I get the label and corresponding yarn into the notebook I feel pretty good- I have a good memory for color and texture so I can usually remember what the finished project(s) are. I don’t have a good memory for numbers or words so I couldn’t tell you what size needle or the name of a pattern I used for any project including the ones I’m working on now. That really is something I should try to document into the notebook. I haven’t bought a lot of yarn in the last year- but there was one major Cascade 220 purchase and those labels were the hardest to sort out. I did a little verifying online to make sure I had them matched up with the right colors and discovered that I had identified two of the circles with the wrong colors. I’m feeling more put together now- and I did eventually get to cleaning too. What do people usually call this kind of yarn organization (when they aren’t part of Ravelry)?

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