twenty nine

November 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

Twenty Nine Years

Happy Birthday Lars!

I have to say I am proud of my cake masterpiece. It’s an “inside out german chocolate cake” recipe that I found online. It’s dense and chocolaty, and has a pretty smooth glaze. Six of us were able to eat about half of the cake.

The candles are made from a cake of beeswax that I had. The idea came from a Martha Stewart craft, although I didn’t have sheets of wax (they are hard to find and expensive) so I melted my wax into a small foil lined pan to make a thin sheet of wax. I then used little cookie cutters to cut out the letters and sandwiched the layer together (two of each letter) with a small wick and toothpick. They burn fast so are really only good for one time, but definitely worth the effort for the cuteness.


stale good

September 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Yesterday was our anniversary and we ate the 3 year old top of our wedding cake. It was stale good. As stale as a frostbitten kransekake gets in three years but as tasty as sugar and almond always is. You can see in the photo that we pulled 12 rings off of the top. You know what that means (if you don’t: legend says that a couple will parent as many children as the number of rings that come off the top of the cake). My mom frosted the cake so we accused her of rigging the frosting up to break at that point and she admitted that she did rig it but not for that many rings. In any case we don’t have 12 kids yet..

Of course we didn’t have just one cake at our wedding, we had another cake, a number of tortes and other deserts too. I made the kransekake and Lars made all of the wonderful tortes. We like our sweets.

wedding cake(s)We are visiting my parent’s this weekend, which is why we finally ate the cake out of their freezer. Not a romantic weekend, but we are taking another vacation next month to celebrate our anniversary (when we could get the reservation to an old guard station cabin).

Today we went to The Scoop and had some yummy Brain Freeze ice cream. We sat outside and enjoyed our “high fat, high quality” creamy goodness and watched people walking by (yes, some people in Spokane do walk) and a dog sitting by the table next to us and it felt like Portland. It was maybe the best ice cream we have ever had, and we have eaten a lot of ice cream.

decapitated Barbie and marzipan

August 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

Barbie-head nest
We had an ice cream social at my workplace and each program in our building brought a cake for the cakewalk. I of course jumped on the chance to help make the cake. We decided to make a nest and the idea evolved to include a Barbie doll head in the nest too. Mostly because we think it’s wacky and funny and we didn’t want any of our co-workers to think we are to normal. One of my immediate co-workers in my program, aptly named Barb, makes Barbie art which usually involves decapitating Barbie dolls and always involves transforming a Barbie in some way. We have a Barbie encased in a fiber cocoon on our office wall.

We made the marzipan from scratch (even blanched our own almonds!). The texture wasn’t fine as genuine European marzipan, but it still tasted like sugar-crack*. I love the marzipan part because it’s like sculpting clay and it tastes a lot better then play-do. I like making pretty food so I have always liked decorating cakes but I’m not a fan of frosting so I don’t reap any of the added benefits of licking the spoon or any thing like that. The nest it self was a masterpiece (I think) based on a Martha Stewart recipe (Lle Flottante, May 2006) for a spun sugar crown. Our nest is more “rustic” looking and in some ways a better fit for what we were making. See more pic of the cake at flickr.

The process was interesting since the sugar is only at the peak temperature for a very short time, possibly less than a minute. After that we just pulled out our own drips of sugar and built up the nest by hand. I’m sure Martha would not have been impressed with the process but it could have been worse, really there was very little sugar spattered, dripped, flung, or encrusted in the kitchen after we were done. The nest did deflate a bit over night and lost some of the body of structure due to moisture, so it would be most impressive to serve it right away. Now it feels like a challenge to try the recipe again and make a light dreamy nest like Martha’s, oh I mean like the people Martha pays to do all off her work.

I don’t think most of the people at the cakewalk were sure what to think about the cake-obviously they were blown away by our creativity.

*sugar in it’s most addictive form

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