Fall socks

October 28, 2008 § Leave a comment


Finished socks hanging out with the pumpkins. I agree with Ryan’s comment and continued the socks- wonky striping and all. That’s the hand knit quality shining through. Now I want more hand knit socks, besides my sock collection has significantly dwindled in the last few years. I think I have a tendency to knit my socks a bit to big because my feet are so wide that the final measurement around is generous for the narrower end of my platypus-shaped foot. You can see a little bit of the bunch around the straps of my shoes. Next time I’ll probably take a little off of that measurement and let the sock stretch to best fit. Extra ease and all, the socks are super cozy.

Yarn: Socks that Rock- Blue Moon Fiber Arts, superwash merino/ lightweight

Pattern: Universal toe-up, with a little 2-stitch cable pattern


hand winding yarn

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Ooooooo, pretty yarnwinding yarn into ballhand wound ball

This is the other skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts-Socks that Rock yarn that I got at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this year. It is so pretty that I had to take a picture of it in it’s natural hand dyed wonder before I mess with it. Then a spent some quiet time winding it into a ball. Sometimes tedious to wind by hand but also medetative (like knitting but even simpler), and dedicated solely to thinking about how beautiful and soft merino is. I wound this ball so that it is a center-pull, and it looks so romantic to have hand wound balls of yarn around.

I started the project with this yarn today but it’s top secret since it is on the Fall birthdays/Holiday 2008 handmade gift list. I had a wip’s (works in progress) page a while back when I started blogging, but I deleted it when I got tired of seeing some of the projects that just wouldn’t go away. Persistent buggers, never knit themselves. I’m thinking about bringing the wip’s page back. I have finished some of them (I think) and started a slew of new things- it could be fun to post all of the wip’s in one place.

wonky striping

October 15, 2008 § 1 Comment


So the question is, why do they stripe differently? Is it where on the yarn I started each sock? Or, is it because it is mill end discount yarn and there are some inconsistencies in the hand dye? I’m secretly hoping it is a defect because that would mean I can’t do anything about it to fix it and wouldn’t be compeled to take out the second sock and start over.  The yarn is a beautiful variety of Socks that Rock- Blue Moon Fiber Arts, superwash merino/ lightweight.

We are taking off today for a little vacation (yea!) at a cabin in the forest. I’m brigning a basket of yarn and a few books. There is hiking and mushrooming around but it may start raining so I plan to be prepared.

Before I go I have a movie recommendation, The Fall. You should rent it, it’s beautiful.

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