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Patchwork taggie
I was certain that we would be better at helping our second baby learn better sleep habits that we did with Bug. That wasn’t too demanding since Bug only slept for about 40-60 minutes at a time for the first year of life and was constantly attached me, more accurately the milk supply. So I was pleased when Little Bear accepted a pacifier to sleep and stunned when we were able to lay her down when she was tired.  I’m not saying that we are a total success, but has been easier this time around.

So in an effort to move Little Bear closer and closer to sleeping alone at night and for longer stretches (our pediatrician is good at concealing that surprised look that says, “your baby still wakes up 5 times at night?”) I have been sewing little things for the little one to love. Transitional objects you might call them.

But for now this is the plan:

Be more consistent with our sleep routine

Savor  snuggling with her soft, soft cheeks and those sweaty little curls she wakes up with

Try to remember despite how tired and grumpy I feel in the morning that this stage will pass, she will learn healthy sleep habits, and someday I will sleep all night long


The patchwork taggie has dot minky fabric on the back and just a few ribbon taggies on one side. I found that our little ones preferred the real tags on toys more than the typical taggie with ribbons all the way around. This arrangement has been received well by our drooling critic.

The popsicle fabric is Poplin by Little Lisette and the others are from my stash, or scraps from the wonderful $1 scrap bags at a local boutique fabric store.

I had to include this last picture because when I sat her down for the photo shoot she discovered that she can scoot around on her soft woolie bottom by pushing her sweaty little toes on the wood floors.


Rabbit rattle

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Does it not seem that everyone is having babies at the same time? I have a back log of baby projects that I want to knit for all the little ones I know. I predict more coming in the near future too. This rabittit rattle from Natural Nursery Knits (love this book) is one of my go to baby projects because 1. I can actually finish it 2. It’s freaking cute 3. The giftie doesn’t outgrow it by the time I finish and finally get it in the mail. I made one for Little Bear and the rattle fits around her little fist so she can nom away at the bunny head. Bug likes to point out the obvious and give me updates. “your baby is drooling” (yes, that is how she refers to her sister some days) “she’s chewing on her toys”

I guess I should point out that I have yet to put a bell inside the heaoff one of these rabbits yet to make it a rattle, mostly because I’ll be stuffing and stitching it up and I get so excited to finish that I don’t really want to go dig around for a bell. And I’m prone to prefer quite toys anyway. My personal noise level is usually met by the children all by their lonesome adding any more noise puts me on edge.

Like I said, I love almost all of the patters in this book. They are beautiful and simple.

FO parade: Ring Sling

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ginko leaf ring sling

Okay, does this not remind you of a vintage girl scout uniform? I like my color selections and I stressed over the ginkgo leaf applique, but I still think vintage GS every time I pull it out. The green and orange feel a little woodsy, in a good way. I use the sling when I need something a little more dressy than the Ergo. Since we didn’t use it when Little Bug was really small she doesn’t seem to prefer it but I think that’s because we are still practicing different positions that work well for both of us.

I sewed it out of linen with the hopes of it being cool in the summer and a since it’s generally a strong fabric. Maybe with the next little one we’ll use it more from the early days and have a better handle on getting cozy in the sling. Also, I think I sewed the seam on the fabric after it loops over the rings to far away from the rings, so the rings sits low on my body when the pleats are in just the right spot on my shoulder (this is a good picture of the pleats on the shoulder). Umm…well that was sort of hard to explain, but if you have used a ring sling I think you would understand. Either way, I’m planning on taking the stitching out on that seam and repositioning it so it lays in a better spot. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it since there was a lot of back and forth stitching to securely stitch it in place.

This isn’t the best picture, especially after I cropped our heads out (a small amount of privacy for my piece of mind), but you can kind of see that I sewed a pocket on the tail of the sling where the ginkgo leafs are appliqued on. The pocket it great, and a good place to fold up the sling and jam it in for storage when not in use.

I used this tutorial, it was very helpful.


begin the 2010 FO parade: Wild Thing

December 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

bushy monster tailLittle Bug as a Where The Wild Things Are monster

Somehow I became fixated on making this costume, maybe even before she was born. I can’t remember now. The hat and tail are made of faux fur. Very messy to sew with. The tail looks a little like a road kill when it’s not attached to a cute baby. We had the sweater already, and I knit the pants and booties. She still wears the pants, with the half finished scales. I love the pants. I hope to knit some more pants this pattern with the monster face on the behind as the pattern directs.

She wore the costume almost all day; to the store, around the neighborhood, in the house. Then she was overtired and went to bed really early. It was a good day.

Knitting Patterns:

pants-Das Monster by Hrönn Jónsdóttir

booties-BSJ Inspired Booties by Megan Grewal

sitting monster
picking up each leaf

mad rush to the end, and remembering

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pixie baby shares an alligator

Stella Pixie Hat

I feel the urgency of the end of the year creeping up….tomorrow. So since I have projects and pictures from 2010 to share we will see how many posts I can do in the next 24 hours.

Things I want to remember about 2010:

-All of Little Bug’s sweet moments and firsts

-Learning to appreciate what I have and where I am in life now (okay I’m really still working on this one but I think I made progress)

-The goodwill and support friends and family extended this year; when we were unemployed and feeling down, when we moved with a 9 week old, when we left all of our friends and felt lonely, when we were new in town, when we moved with a 9 month old, when our bathroom blew up, when we were tired and needed a break, when our power went out and Little Bug was wearing her puffy coat inside. Thanks!

-All of the happy and healthy babies born this year (especially Tatum, Braeden, Sean and Ilsa)

-All of the things I have learned about myself by becoming a mama

-The first beautiful hike we took as a family, in the rain

-That I can’t always do my whole to-do list in a day, and if I try and fail I don’t need to be a crabby pants to Lars because he appeciates me and what I do even when I don’t

-Meeting the Mindfull Mama’s, thanks for being such a great group of ladies

-Our little white rental house

-Moving into OUR big, old, crooked, sometimes moldy, beautiful, cozy, in progress fixer-upper

-Little Bug waking up in our bed and rolling over to give her papa a kiss, or a slobber depending on how you look at it

-The beautiful snow outside our windows right now

nom nom nom

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sweet baby cap
sweet baby cap
Back again. I never shared the completed Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap. I love this pattern and as you can see she will need the next size up for this winter. I think I made the 1 yr size but I was lazy about the gauge so it’s smaller than the pattern indicates.


Spud and Chloe Fine, calypso (blue)

Claudia Hand painted Fingerling (red)

The wood alligator puzzle piece is a favorite around her for noming on

baby quilt on the line

July 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Selje's quiltI took this photo with a baby strapped to my front (who wanted to touch and grab the camera) and with the portrait lens. I could have remedied the situation but I kind of like the blurry edges. Isn’t our old garage in the back cute? And the strawberries growing in the shady garden patch.

Here’s a close up of the front and back of the quilt.

front and back of quilt

I ended up machine quilting the whole thing around each block and then a zigzag around the border. I had something more involved and wonderful in mind, but I like the simple look too. I would feel sad that I didn’t hand quilt it but I’m so happy that I actually finished, and every time I cover up the little bug at night with her quilt I feel warm and fuzzy inside. The first night I put her to bed with the quilt she barfed avocado all over it, and the beautiful hand knit blanket from great grandma. It was a sad night being with a barfy baby but everyone is well and healthy now.

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