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November 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

1-2-3 worm bin

Ta da! Here is the completed 1-2-3 worm bin. (Sorry about all of the worm talk Em.) I’m very pleased with the new box, it doesn’t even compare to the old one. I even collected leaves from around the neighborhood (it was leave pick-up day after all) and gave my little wormmies real natural bedding. They haven’t complained about the shredded newspaper, but it does get clumpy and matted. The leaves give it a nice organic feel too.

worm bin

This is the bin before the worms moved in. You can see the size compared to my Slogger foot.  The one inch holes are alternated on the bottom and top of the two sides for ventilation. The outside of the box is sealed with polyurithane varnish and the inside is sealed with gobs of mineral oil. I hope that the bin will last me years. My book said about 3 without finish and significatly longer with a finish. I harvested about 10 pounds (give or take, I’m not the best estimater) of fine worm poop- it filled the gigantic mixing bowl that a baby could sit in. I could see myself someday with two worm bins, then I could stager the composting in each bin and let the worms work it into nice vermicompost while the next one was just getting started.

I used the dump and hand pick method to seperate the worms and still rotting food from the finished compost. It was tedious and I didn’t want to leave any of the worms behind. Now that my new bin is so nice and big I think next time I will put new food on one side to attracts the worms over and harvest the finished compost from the other side.

The “Worms Eat My Garbage” 1-2-3 plan doesn’t include a lid but I like having a lid. So I used the extra plywood to make a lid with a lip on the inside so it will sit securely (inside is facing out in top photo). It’s also super heavy to keep out neighborhood goblins or other devious creatures. The squrriels dig in my pots but they probably aren’t strong enough to get into the worms. It also serves as a low bench next to the door. This will be the worms first winter and I hope they sunggle down into the middle and keep eating our food waste. I have a feeling we are going to get some white days this winter, that means paid days off for me if the schools are closed. Keep your fingers crossed.


1-2-3-worm bin

November 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

the begining of the worm bin

I started a new worm bin last weekend and I hope to finish it this weekend. I’m using the 1-2-3 box plan from renowned “Worms Eat My Garbage” by Mary Applehof. Note the sunshine last weekend. There is sun this weekend too, but there hasn’t been much inbetween.

Hand sawing was interesting from a huge piece of plywood, but worms do not demand precision. I think that they will like their new home even if it is a bit rustic. Almost anything looks better than a plastic bin with holes drilled in it. The worms have been thriving, in fact some nights when I put food in it looks almost solid with wigglers. The wood should alow them and their rotting envrironment to breath better. And, the dimensions of this box is better so it should be easier to keep the contents balanced. Check back soon to see the finished box.

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