On the needles

Current projects in the works. Click on thumbnail for details.

inches of argyle

Argyle sweater vest

hand wound ball

secret gift project #1 (now a secret 2009 gift)

secret gift project

secret gift project #2 (still in progress)

notre dame de grace

Notre Dame de Grace sweater


§ 4 Responses to On the needles

  • They’re Beutiful and look Super Comfy ! Can I walk a mile in your mocassins with socks on of course?

  • I enjoyed your link to spool especially the little fabric birds. I love birds as a theme and an item to surround myself with.

    I just finished my first pattern project in knitting, an earflap snowboard hat in a beautiful Uraguyan hand spun/hand dyed “colors of the ocean” blues and greens. It took less than 12 hours. I could have finished it in one sitting but I had no size 13-15 dp needles to do the final shapeing of the hat. I’m looking for “blond braids” to finish it with. I’m really proud of myself for doing it start to finish without having to ask for help.

    Have fun with spinning on your dropspindle. Thanks for the Target link in that regard….who would’a thought!?

    Thanks for being my inspiration. Love, Aunt Charlotte

  • Charlotte Oleen Knutson says:

    Hi Larsons!

    Can you believe it, The year is nearly over (2009) and will soon be begining for your little one. I need to get hopping on your blanket. How are you doing on diaper covers?

    Just this week I taught myself to knit cable pattern. Working on a beautiful 3-3 cable scarf out of Manos de Uraguay…I just love their silk/Merino, this one is cobalt/peacock/bronze and looks like a diagonal cable lattice basketweave. Love, Aunt Charlotte

  • Emma Gerring says:

    The argyle vest is on my ‘to-do’ list too! Yum!

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