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40 weeks

*yah, I’m not pregnant right now (this was almost three years ago now) but I like this photo with the belly and the stripes and I just couldn’t come up with another stripy picture. Blogging without an image just isn’t for me.

I think they say you should imagine the coldest day when the weather is so hot the sweat is dripping down your legs and you convince your kids to go to a park across town with more treeS because you can’t take another second standing in the sun pushing little sweaty bums on the swing. The mind is very powerful to suggestion. So browsing Ravelry for beautiful sweaters I should knit for myself is probably making me feel at least 5 degrees cooler.

Here’s to knitted stripes and thinking about cooler weather.

Caramel by Isabell Kraemer

Nova by Signe S. Simonsen

Lovebug Booties by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Daybreak by Stephen West


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