How to dress a monkey

March 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

Smocked dresses

I’ve been thinking about little girls clothes a lot lately in my day dreams. I have a secret agenda to clothe the girls in all vintagy  styles and hand knits. We have some wonderful vintage, or vintagesque, clothes from my childhood and Value Village. Many more ideas are floating around my head that I want to sew. But the patterns I concoct in my head are slow to fruition. Side note: I took a quick peek at a pattern book at the fabric store this week and I was sorely disappointed in the childrens patters. Perhaps I just happened to look at the worst one they had, or perhaps I’m very critical and should make my own patterns and buy patterns from  independent sewers.

Bug has a secret agenda to wear only underwear or pajamas, but not both. It was cute to arrive at story time with an independent toddler in pajamas for a while, but now I’m feeling like we all look a little disheveled and frumpy.

Little bear has a not so secret agenda to burp and poop on all her clothes. She is a very successful baby.

Sometimes we pull one of these smocked dresses off the line in their room for each of them. Paired with jeans, and a turtle neck in this season still, we meet my goal of vintage meets playful monkey with messy hair.


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