May 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

The early spring tulips are starting to fade just as the other bulbs are blooming. These tulips are smaller than what are typically¬†available¬†these days and they were a happy surprise for our first spring in this house. We have been trying to get the yard ready for lots of veggie planting. Little Bug will have her own space too. So far her patch is a small area I started to weed at the edge of the garage, still needs a lot of work but it’s perfect for her digging and dumping.

I didn’t accomplish any of my hopeful spring sewing projects yet but after a few days of sun I’m dreaming about sun hats and bonnets. Mostly we are trying to spend time outside, in between the snow flurries, and sitting on the floor. I think little Bug’s favorite sign right now is ‘sit’ meaning, “sit with me while I eat” and “sit on the floor so I can dump all of my toys on you.” We read a lot of books, well the same 10 books over and over, while she sits on the potty. More about the sewing and gardening later when we aren’t sitting on the potty and making animal noises (all of the books we read have sheep and dogs).


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