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February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mondrian cake

Lars keeps up with the creativity around here. Mondrian inspired birthday cake by Lars.

I feel like I have reached an all time creative lull. I still stay awake at night sometimes creating new projects and working out the logistics and spacial nuances of sewing a this or that. of course I also tend to go to bed, or want to, around 8pm these days. Every so often I am woken up by Little Bug wake up with the energy to start bread. Baking is fairly creative although not so much when you are throwing things into a pot and calling it dinner. Finding coordinating outfits for Little Bug must be my other creative outlet right now, while I wake up Monday morning in the same shirt I wore Saturday afternoon.  Our extra bedroom/ storage room san heat is not cutting it as a craft room. Really it’s so cold in there I contemplate entering to quickly retrieve an envelope out of a box.

Half of our belongings are still in boxes. All of the important things anyway including almost all of the books, fabric and other office/craft materials. I’m thinking about setting up a sewing station in the office/guest room closet. This closet is the same one Little Bug slept in for a while in a travel crib when she started transitioning out of our bed and we were still finishing the walls and ceilings upstairs. With 10′ ceilings and a window it is a very nice closet. I would have to move some things and find something to put the sewing machine on (piano bench?) and something to sit on (foot stool?).  Or will I spend all of my time setting this up and then no time to sew?


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