FO parade: Ring Sling

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

ginko leaf ring sling

Okay, does this not remind you of a vintage girl scout uniform? I like my color selections and I stressed over the ginkgo leaf applique, but I still think vintage GS every time I pull it out. The green and orange feel a little woodsy, in a good way. I use the sling when I need something a little more dressy than the Ergo. Since we didn’t use it when Little Bug was really small she doesn’t seem to prefer it but I think that’s because we are still practicing different positions that work well for both of us.

I sewed it out of linen with the hopes of it being cool in the summer and a since it’s generally a strong fabric. Maybe with the next little one we’ll use it more from the early days and have a better handle on getting cozy in the sling. Also, I think I sewed the seam on the fabric after it loops over the rings to far away from the rings, so the rings sits low on my body when the pleats are in just the right spot on my shoulder (this is a good picture of the pleats on the shoulder). Umm…well that was sort of hard to explain, but if you have used a ring sling I think you would understand. Either way, I’m planning on taking the stitching out on that seam and repositioning it so it lays in a better spot. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it since there was a lot of back and forth stitching to securely stitch it in place.

This isn’t the best picture, especially after I cropped our heads out (a small amount of privacy for my piece of mind), but you can kind of see that I sewed a pocket on the tail of the sling where the ginkgo leafs are appliqued on. The pocket it great, and a good place to fold up the sling and jam it in for storage when not in use.

I used this tutorial, it was very helpful.



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