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blurry life

Lars took this photo a few days after Christmas. It seems to capture a typical moment of our blurry life.

I’m feeling so nostalgic these days. Maybe because I’m tired of winter and miss the mild Portland winters where we could take walks on the weekend afternoons and admire all the green moss glowing against the deep gray of the river. Maybe because my baby seems to have transformed into a strong willed and independent toddler. I feel like I need to nestle in her hair and kiss her squishy cheeks every chance I get. But alas, her elbows and knees aren’t baby soft anymore and she wants to walk, so very slowly, everywhere and into everything when we go out.

It seemed like the right time to update my bio since the first sentence said I was a Portlander and that’s a year gone by. I decided to freshen up the blog and switch to a new theme too. I just love rearranging the furniture.



Inspiring inside spaces

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All of this time hiding inside from the cold weather gets me dreaming about nesting in our house. I spend way to much time finding inspiring ideas on other blogs. Here are a few of my favorites.

writing center from Modern Parents Messy Kids

this is such a lovely set up for encouraging and fostering a love of writing. Check out the post on Modern Parents Messy Kids to read more about the set up. This is a given for our household. Little Bug already “knows” how to hold a pencil, or at least her proud parents think so when it happens by chance.

Montessori water station from Sew Liberated

I love this idea. Little Bug has been drinking out of a glass since she was 7 or 8 months old and water is one of her favorite signs. However, sometimes there is a long trial and error of which glass she wants to drink out of. Little Bugs glass? or her mug? or mamas glass? or the one in the dish drainer? I’m all for giving kiddos more choices and control. Meg has a great explanation in her post of the set up and why it’s not so crazy to give your toddler free access to glass cups and water. Be prepared for spills and an exuberant drinker until the novelty wears off. We might still be a few months away from this one. It will give us time to get all of the bathroom fixtures out of our kitchen and into the newly remodeled bathroom, cross your fingers.

Nature corner from Sew Liberated

These last two of both from Sew Liberated. I originally found Meg’s blog when she shared her son Finn’s Montessori inspire room, just one of the many beautiful and thoughtful spaces in her house.


reading canopy from Jani Photography

I can’t remember where I first saw this, or maybe I heard about it and made up a picture in my head. This is a cute shot of photographer and mama Jani‘s daughter at home enjoying a book. Hoe doesn’t like a cozy space? This would be the easiest of the spaces to create. Ikea sells a couple of different canopies. The Himmel canopy is so cute with the clouds dangling, no? Or a couple of yards of tulle and a cross stitch hoop (there are soooo many of these at the thrift stores every time I go) would make a fast and easy canopy. I just haven’t decided where to put it. Little Bugs room is quite small and we mostly spend time up there for diapering, sleeping, and laundry. So perhaps a corner of the living room would be more accessible for the burgeoning bibliophile.

here’s to the end of 2010

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So I don’t know if this is the best way to end my 1020 project parade because doesn’t the parade always end with the pooper scoopers and lots of crying kids and crazy people? Well this parade is ending with my first handspun yarn. Thanks Christy for the lesson, it was frustrating at first but so fun to learn something new. I don’t know what I’m going to use my yarn for yet, a hat? The rhythm of the wheel and the motion is hypnotic. Maybe I should bust out the drop spindle and give that a whirl again.

I realize that we are halfway through January and for some that means that they have been back at it (whatever that is) for some time now. For me yesterday was a big day of cleaning,  getting little things done,  organized, and taking Christmas down. The house was mostly clean for about 10 minutes until my mom brought Little Bug back from their Monday playdate together. But it feels like I can start the new year now. I started my lists of sewing and knitting and everything else on my mind. So much I want to do as always. Little Bug is awake and now for an afternoon snack.


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“Milk: It is wonderful” mural in Denmark via the blog Marvelous Kiddo

I love all of the breastfeeding art that Marvelous Kiddo posts. This mural is my favorite.

FO parade: Ring Sling

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ginko leaf ring sling

Okay, does this not remind you of a vintage girl scout uniform? I like my color selections and I stressed over the ginkgo leaf applique, but I still think vintage GS every time I pull it out. The green and orange feel a little woodsy, in a good way. I use the sling when I need something a little more dressy than the Ergo. Since we didn’t use it when Little Bug was really small she doesn’t seem to prefer it but I think that’s because we are still practicing different positions that work well for both of us.

I sewed it out of linen with the hopes of it being cool in the summer and a since it’s generally a strong fabric. Maybe with the next little one we’ll use it more from the early days and have a better handle on getting cozy in the sling. Also, I think I sewed the seam on the fabric after it loops over the rings to far away from the rings, so the rings sits low on my body when the pleats are in just the right spot on my shoulder (this is a good picture of the pleats on the shoulder). Umm…well that was sort of hard to explain, but if you have used a ring sling I think you would understand. Either way, I’m planning on taking the stitching out on that seam and repositioning it so it lays in a better spot. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it since there was a lot of back and forth stitching to securely stitch it in place.

This isn’t the best picture, especially after I cropped our heads out (a small amount of privacy for my piece of mind), but you can kind of see that I sewed a pocket on the tail of the sling where the ginkgo leafs are appliqued on. The pocket it great, and a good place to fold up the sling and jam it in for storage when not in use.

I used this tutorial, it was very helpful.


FO parade: birthday bag

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-bicycle- selvage

Little Bug is into all sorts of bags, baskets, and boxes right now. Preferably the kind that she can climb into and stand in and/or carry around the house. Her bicycle birthday tote was finished a few weeks after her birthday but she seems to like it anyway. I have lusted over this fabric for a while, I even thought about ordering some online to make a mei tai style carrier but that’s just part of the long long list of wishful thinking. Then I saw a 1/4 yd piece of it discounted on the counter at Cool Cottons and I knew I needed it. This piece has some minor dye issues with the color so it looks a bit splotchy in places. I think it’s like buying a used car, now I’m not worried about the first ding, or accidental toss in the potty in our case.

on the school chair

Little Bug accosted the bag during the photo shoot, peeked in, and walked off. I think she needed to tote around some felt food and train cars.

accosting the subject

peek inside

toting the bicycle bag

selvage text

Ummmm…obviously I didn’t get back to posting my 2010 finished projects before the new year. I went to bed at 8pm and it was heavenly. Happy New Year!

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