begin the 2010 FO parade: Wild Thing

December 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

bushy monster tailLittle Bug as a Where The Wild Things Are monster

Somehow I became fixated on making this costume, maybe even before she was born. I can’t remember now. The hat and tail are made of faux fur. Very messy to sew with. The tail looks a little like a road kill when it’s not attached to a cute baby. We had the sweater already, and I knit the pants and booties. She still wears the pants, with the half finished scales. I love the pants. I hope to knit some more pants this pattern with the monster face on the behind as the pattern directs.

She wore the costume almost all day; to the store, around the neighborhood, in the house. Then she was overtired and went to bed really early. It was a good day.

Knitting Patterns:

pants-Das Monster by Hrönn Jónsdóttir

booties-BSJ Inspired Booties by Megan Grewal

sitting monster
picking up each leaf


mad rush to the end, and remembering

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pixie baby shares an alligator

Stella Pixie Hat

I feel the urgency of the end of the year creeping up….tomorrow. So since I have projects and pictures from 2010 to share we will see how many posts I can do in the next 24 hours.

Things I want to remember about 2010:

-All of Little Bug’s sweet moments and firsts

-Learning to appreciate what I have and where I am in life now (okay I’m really still working on this one but I think I made progress)

-The goodwill and support friends and family extended this year; when we were unemployed and feeling down, when we moved with a 9 week old, when we left all of our friends and felt lonely, when we were new in town, when we moved with a 9 month old, when our bathroom blew up, when we were tired and needed a break, when our power went out and Little Bug was wearing her puffy coat inside. Thanks!

-All of the happy and healthy babies born this year (especially Tatum, Braeden, Sean and Ilsa)

-All of the things I have learned about myself by becoming a mama

-The first beautiful hike we took as a family, in the rain

-That I can’t always do my whole to-do list in a day, and if I try and fail I don’t need to be a crabby pants to Lars because he appeciates me and what I do even when I don’t

-Meeting the Mindfull Mama’s, thanks for being such a great group of ladies

-Our little white rental house

-Moving into OUR big, old, crooked, sometimes moldy, beautiful, cozy, in progress fixer-upper

-Little Bug waking up in our bed and rolling over to give her papa a kiss, or a slobber depending on how you look at it

-The beautiful snow outside our windows right now

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