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sweet baby cap
sweet baby cap
Back again. I never shared the completed Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap. I love this pattern and as you can see she will need the next size up for this winter. I think I made the 1 yr size but I was lazy about the gauge so it’s smaller than the pattern indicates.


Spud and Chloe Fine, calypso (blue)

Claudia Hand painted Fingerling (red)

The wood alligator puzzle piece is a favorite around her for noming on


baby quilt on the line

July 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

Selje's quiltI took this photo with a baby strapped to my front (who wanted to touch and grab the camera) and with the portrait lens. I could have remedied the situation but I kind of like the blurry edges. Isn’t our old garage in the back cute? And the strawberries growing in the shady garden patch.

Here’s a close up of the front and back of the quilt.

front and back of quilt

I ended up machine quilting the whole thing around each block and then a zigzag around the border. I had something more involved and wonderful in mind, but I like the simple look too. I would feel sad that I didn’t hand quilt it but I’m so happy that I actually finished, and every time I cover up the little bug at night with her quilt I feel warm and fuzzy inside. The first night I put her to bed with the quilt she barfed avocado all over it, and the beautiful hand knit blanket from great grandma. It was a sad night being with a barfy baby but everyone is well and healthy now.

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