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May 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

ready to quilt

I gave myself a goal of finishing a quilt for little S by her first birthday. We are almost half way there and I already have the quilt top done and pinned to the batting and back. I haven’t yet decided if I will hand quilt or machine quilt.  I was all ready to create a unique and fantastic quilt when I decided that I should keep it simple and not create more stress and frustration for myself. So I cut all my pretty fabrics into blocks and made a 9 by 9 block top with a boarder. Finished it should be about 44 inches square. I used lots of fabrics that I love and remind me of little S’s personality. I’m excited to finish and snuggle her up in the quilt.

An update on the previous post, there hasn’t been a lot (or none) of that self soothing since. We just received a Sleep Sheep as a gift from a friend. We are working on conditioning little S to fall asleep to the sound of rain instead of having to nurse to fall (and stay) asleep. Then I would have longer breaks to sew and knit…or do the laundry and grab a snack.


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