signs of fall

September 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

small signs of fall

A view of my feet at the park on a walk. There are just a few, but the signs of fall are starting to show. Maybe some of the leaves are changing color because it was so dang hot for so long and they are dying but I would prefer to think that fall is almost here. I think that we have had enough summer now. I didn’t do as much container gardening this year so I haven’t had much to say about that. I did successfully grow a handful of strawberries from the plants I got at the end of last summer. I moved my lavender plant this year too thinking I was giving it a better pot and good sun light. But apparently there wasn’t nearly enough sun. It never got very big and isn’t even flirting with sprouting buds so not really any lavender to speak of. I grew more flowers this summer, and managed to keep them alive with my meager watering schedule, but I can’t say they are picture worthy. However, the worms seem to be doing really well in their wood box. I’m sharing a lot of the compost with friends that have gardens and have received many nice donations of prolific herbs, cucumbers, and lettuce. Happy end of the summer!


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  • Ryan says:

    I kind of forgot to go and harvest lavender off my plants in the front. In their second year they’ve really taken off along with the sage planted around them. I think I’ll let the flowers just be this year though because I want to get some seedlings and line the whole pathway with clumps of lavender. I just have to figure out how to keep them under control. The guy down the street never prunes his and they encroach on the sidewalk and have big woody branches. I think if I prune them back every year I’ll avoid that fate.

    The tomatoes are taking over the back and one of the self-seeded plants from the compost pile even has fruits on it. I think it might be a roma. I’m excited to re-organize the whole potager and give it some more definition. The circle was a good idea, but just doesn’t work for us. the zucchini is too big and shading my nasturtiums (which finally came up) and then there’s the tomatoes. I think having multiple beds will make it easier to rotate the crops too, we’ll just go around in circle every year.

  • tangledfleece says:

    I’m sure your garden will get better every year, you don’t seem to have a problem with growing prolific tomatoes.

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