duvet cover and striped socks

September 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

down throw duvet

I love my down throw (you know, a small down blanket perfect for being cozy all year long) but I’m not in love with the snowman pattern on the throw. They are cute, but get tiring after awhile. This fabric makes the perfect cover and now the down throw is all season and just as cozy. It actually took a lot more work and sweat to sew than I would have liked just because there was a lot of measuring and sewing long edges (boring) and making the pieces the right dimension (the fabric was not as wide as the throw so needed to be pieced). Now I am really ready for fall, the striped socks say it all I think.


log cabin crochet

September 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Harper's Log cabin
I started this baby blanket before my niece was born. I have now put the finishing touches on it and get to see her for the first time next week and give her the blanket. She’s about 9 months now, but hopefully can still get some use out of the little blanket. The squirrel puzzle is her Christmas gift so she will have to wait on that one.

The blanket is a 22″ square with Knit Picks superwash merino (which I think they don’t carry it anymore)

Since starting this blanket last fall I have happened upon some other log cabin crochet and knit items. See Joelle’s Giant Granny Square and log cabin wash clothes from Purl Bee

fall weddings

September 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

chicken love

This is the card that I made for our friends wedding we are attending today. The chicken design is not my own but from the invitation that was designed by the couples friend. The wedding is in their backyard (weather permitting since we have been getting rain this weekend) and I hope the chickens are invited too. At least I will get to see them in their coop.

This is the start of fall wedding season because we are attending another wedding on Saturday (in MN!). Lars and I had  our anniversary this last Friday but we are celebrating this weekend. For the last couple of years I kept insisting that our anniversary was on the 5th and Lars had to remind me that it was the 4th, the only way I could remember was if I looked at the quilt. So this year I actually remembered, but it was a busy day and we didn’t see much of each other. We had been planning on celebrating over the weekend anyway, but I remembered to wish Lars a happy anniversary on the phone when we talked in between busy things that day and he didn’t believe me. He made me go look at the quilt because I had convinced him it was the 5th for so long. But we have the whole weekend to celebrate and we have Monday off too.

Happy wedding weekend.

signs of fall

September 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

small signs of fall

A view of my feet at the park on a walk. There are just a few, but the signs of fall are starting to show. Maybe some of the leaves are changing color because it was so dang hot for so long and they are dying but I would prefer to think that fall is almost here. I think that we have had enough summer now. I didn’t do as much container gardening this year so I haven’t had much to say about that. I did successfully grow a handful of strawberries from the plants I got at the end of last summer. I moved my lavender plant this year too thinking I was giving it a better pot and good sun light. But apparently there wasn’t nearly enough sun. It never got very big and isn’t even flirting with sprouting buds so not really any lavender to speak of. I grew more flowers this summer, and managed to keep them alive with my meager watering schedule, but I can’t say they are picture worthy. However, the worms seem to be doing really well in their wood box. I’m sharing a lot of the compost with friends that have gardens and have received many nice donations of prolific herbs, cucumbers, and lettuce. Happy end of the summer!

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