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inches of argyle

I thought that I had blogged about this before, but now it looks like I haven’t introduced the argyle vest yet. Please meet the first inches of Lars’ argyle vest. It has been a planned work in progress for years now, but didn’t really get a start on it until about a year ago. After starting the ribbing I looked the fear of argyle in the face and asked for advise on how to start at my LYS. That was a number of months ago and it turns out this not really that complicated, or as complicated as I think it seemed. I had a few errors and set backs at the begining since it’s a lot of work to get the hang of the process while reading the pattern chart and increaseing every 17 rows. So I didn’t work on it for a while, but I think I’ve gotten passed the trouble spots and I’m on a knitting high. The knitting high makes me want to knit all the time and not only this but a billion other things at the same time. Don’t worry Lars, I will finish your vest some day.

The pattern is from Knitting for him and the yarn is Knit Picks Palette: pool, navy, and sky.


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