wizard double knitting

July 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

gryffindor scarf

I didn’t really mean to take such a long break from blogging, but I’m back. I have been doing some knitting and crafting during my blogging slumber, so I should more coming up soon.

Here is the belated birthday present I made for Lars. His birthday was in November and I was almost done then but I decided that I didn’t like the yarn and the way it draped so I started over and finished a few months ago. This is the Lion Brand “LB Collection Superwash Merino” yarn in Cayenne and Dijon.

The colors are closest to the colors the scarfs in the first two movies, but the stripes look more like those in the later movies. The book doesn’t go into a lot of detail about the pattern or quality of the knitting so I had to go with the movie appeal.  The 6th book (Half-blood Prince) is out in the photo because Lars is reading it to me at bedtime (so sweet) as we get ready to see the new movie next week. We are a little bit excited for the movie- but we’ll be going in our muggle clothing.

faux double knit

I wanted to double knit this so it would have that nice finished quality on both sides, but after trying to teach myself for a week in September last year I decided that I needed to just do it any way I could fast so I would be done by Lars’ birthday in November. So I knitted it in the round with a purl stitch at the end of each side (2 purl stitches per round evenly spaced) so that the fabric turns and lays flat. I didn’t finish it in time anyway- but it was fast and easy to knit. Maybe too easy and that’s why it was kind of boring and hard to finish. Sorry Lars.

I don’t love knitting scarfs but I like the way it looks finished and I love having lots of handmade scarfs around. I think it turned out well- and Lars looks very stunning wrapped up in it. You may not know this, but Lars has a scar on his forehead in the same place that Harry Potter does, and he wears glasses. I think he really is a wizard.

Some day I hope to knit like Mrs. Weasely.

scarf and the half-blood prince


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  • Ryan says:

    I’m super behind in the books (I think I only read the first three – while I lived in KCMO) and every scarf I’ve made – after the first one in stockinette – has been a failure. I definitely need to do a double knit one next time.

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