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This is the after result of organizing my art/ sewing nook in the bedroom.

I added EKBY VALTER brackets with the EKBY TRYGGVE shelf (x3). I also put up a BYGEL rail with ASKER containers- the while bulbus containers haninging from the rail. I love them and have coveted them since IKEA started selling them. The clear boxes on the top shelf are fabric scraps organized by color. The yarn shelf actually looked better before the magazines and books inturupted the spectrum, but I was afraid of putting to much weight on the bottom shelf. It would be nice for the yarn to actually be in baskets by color too so that there would be less of the clutter factor visually, and so that they wouldn’t tumble off the shelf when I put something down.

Below is the before. Clearly I have more work space and better access to my supplies (ie the fabric isn’t under the bed). It’s nice to have a workspace that I can use too. Some of the art stuff is still in very hard to reach places in the closet, but this is about the best use of the space so far.



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