get down with the feed dogs

January 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

wall quilt

I share my work space with 5 other people and their desks. Our office is small, cluttered and doesn’t always meet our needs. The people are wonderful, which is one of the main reasons I’m there. In an effort to make my space more calming and personal I made a wall quilt to hang next to where I sit.

I was so excited to get it to work when I finally finished it I didn’t get any pictures before putting it up. The florescent lights aren’t so good for photography. Maybe I’ll take it home some day and get some good photos. A few detailed pictures on flickr, also not the best shots of the quilt. I really like the main fabric. It’s branches with colorful dots (blossoms?) and little hanging tags w/ characters. There are some Asian characters in the background too. It’s hard to see in this picture but I used gold thread to quilt around the rectangles, just a little bit of glitter.

The words are (hand) chain stitched, but the rest is machine quilted. I found out (after finishing the quilt) that you can lower the feed dogs to make it easier to machine quilt. I’m not certain how, or if I can on either of my machines, but should look into it. I also added a few clear beads around the words.

I have to note that the far left rectangle on the quilt is the same fabric that I used to cover the lamp shade (lower right in photo). The doll on the shelf is from a group that I did a year ago with some of the kids I work with, she never got hair. Her hair is sitting in her lap actually. The other doodads are other small art projects that I have done, many of them with my co-workers.

More pictures (strategically positioned between the clutter and ugly things) around my desk.

whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing

small steps

golden bubble

One of my awesome co-workers drew this for me on a particularly tough day, I added the glitter. Most of the time I’m either not at my desk, or staring at the computer, but I try to look at the nice things around me too.


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