get down with the feed dogs

January 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

wall quilt

I share my work space with 5 other people and their desks. Our office is small, cluttered and doesn’t always meet our needs. The people are wonderful, which is one of the main reasons I’m there. In an effort to make my space more calming and personal I made a wall quilt to hang next to where I sit.

I was so excited to get it to work when I finally finished it I didn’t get any pictures before putting it up. The florescent lights aren’t so good for photography. Maybe I’ll take it home some day and get some good photos. A few detailed pictures on flickr, also not the best shots of the quilt. I really like the main fabric. It’s branches with colorful dots (blossoms?) and little hanging tags w/ characters. There are some Asian characters in the background too. It’s hard to see in this picture but I used gold thread to quilt around the rectangles, just a little bit of glitter.

The words are (hand) chain stitched, but the rest is machine quilted. I found out (after finishing the quilt) that you can lower the feed dogs to make it easier to machine quilt. I’m not certain how, or if I can on either of my machines, but should look into it. I also added a few clear beads around the words.

I have to note that the far left rectangle on the quilt is the same fabric that I used to cover the lamp shade (lower right in photo). The doll on the shelf is from a group that I did a year ago with some of the kids I work with, she never got hair. Her hair is sitting in her lap actually. The other doodads are other small art projects that I have done, many of them with my co-workers.

More pictures (strategically positioned between the clutter and ugly things) around my desk.

whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing

small steps

golden bubble

One of my awesome co-workers drew this for me on a particularly tough day, I added the glitter. Most of the time I’m either not at my desk, or staring at the computer, but I try to look at the nice things around me too.


lion friends

January 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

sheep and friends

(I thought this was published two days ago- I guess not)

photo: even though we have been getting some sun, I hardly manage to take pictures during those brief moments. An unfinished sheep toy looking at the newest Lionbrand catalog. Hopefully the finished sheep will make an appearance here soon.

I get excited about getting mail, especially things to look at like magazines and catalogs. We get a healthy intake of magazines each month but not so many catalogs. I think that’s probably good since I don’t actually order much from catalogs so they would end of being wasted paper- and then I can get super excited for the few catalogs I do get. One catalog that I don’t get very often and I’m not sure how I got on the mailing list (besides the fact that one thing I do order is Knitpicks yarn every so often) is the Lionbrand yarn catalog. Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of their yarn. Even Vanna doesn’t sway me to the acrylic side.

Surprisingly they put out a nice catalog. One can also find a ton of their patterns online for free, and more for purchase. That patterns are fairly good- some are a bit old fashioned, and I mean out dated styles not classic. The photos of the patterns online are older photos that don’t really present the patterns very well. Outdated acrylic yarn can make even a good pattern look bad. But in the catalog they usually have pretty good color sense and design layout.

And, they have some new ‘fancy’ yarn to satisfy the natural yarn crowd. Since I’m not so good with numbers I haven’t done the math to see how the price compares with other similar yarn of the same yardage, but it’s not too expensive looking and has good colors. There is even a stainless steel wool yarn. Yeah, I know. It’s kind of strange, 75% wool 25% stainless steel. I always hate it when my wool gets rusty.

They also have a big cone of 100% wool that is for crocheting/ knitting very fine things like doilies (26 sts on #3 needles= 4″) in really pretty colors. I like the cones of yarn. Maybe it’s for weaving.

Oh, I forgot the best part. The cover of the winter 2009 catalog is so damn cute. Look at the frog posing in the front. All free patterns for the animal toys. The other thing I like about the catalog are the photos of yarn. They make good images to cut up and use in collage.

oxbow wind picnic

January 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

a cold picnic in January

Last Saturday we woke up to a sunny morning and knew that it was the perfect day for a hike. So we headed out to Oxbow for the first time. We didn’t really follow directions since we kind of knew where the park is, but really we didn’t know how to get there and drove around the surrounding areas of Gresham and Sandy for about an hour. Luckly it was beautiful and the view of Mt. Hood was quite nice against the fields of baby Christmas trees and nursery shrubs. Eventually we made it to the park in time to realize that it was beautiful and bleeping cold outside. It was chilly and really, really windy. Being prepared for cold weather we had our picnic (complimentary of Ryan) in a sunny spot- note the two layers of fleece that I’m wearing and the fleece blanket around me.

We did do a bit of hiking around since it was our first visit to the park and it was so nice and all. The park is on the Sandy River which is apply names for the sandy beaches flanking the water. Due to the recent flooding a few weeks ago, some of the trails washed out and huge deposities of sand covered new parts of the beach where they weren’t before. It was beautiful and exciting to see the natural effects of “harsh” weather. Oh, and we also got skewered by a falling tree branch. The high winds were knocking down things out of trees (like icy pine cones), branches, and trees them selves.

I heard that the winds in the Gorge that day were 90+ mi/hr. Rumor is some people had their car doors ripped off up at Crown Point. This is a video of some folks up there.

baby foliage

January 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

Welcome to the new look of Tangled Fleece

baby foliage hat

One of the best things about babies is that they are small and can wear really cute knits. Not only is is fast to knit small baby things, everything is cuter when it’s small. This mini foliage hat is charming on baby Tessa, and still to big for her wee head. Right now I’m also working on a few pairs of booties (love the Saarjes pattern) and other baby things. I’m going to 2 baby showers next week and know of a few other tots on the way.

Pattern: Knitty/ Foliage
Needles: dpn #1, #0
Yarn: Claudia hand painted yarns, %100 merino, paprika

work in progress

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check back soon for the new look to the blog.

happy new year

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books by color

Lars gave me permission to organize all of the books by color on our shelves. I think it looks fantastic, much more organized looking than when they are alphabetical or by genre. Not that they were really organized before anyway. I usually walk around our place and stuff random books back on the shelves so if they were organized when we moved in it fell apart long ago. Lars even organized the DVDs by color too. I organized his DVDs like that in collage and his roommate laughed and proceeded to place them back in alphabetical order. Thanks Lars for embracing the color spectrum book order. We also cleaned in the morning so everything feels fresh and new for the start of 2009.

Best wishes to everyone this year!

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