Annika’s owl

December 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

tree and little chair
This is one of the best things I did this year. I always want to do this on my walls but, 1. I live in an apartment, 2. I don’t live alone in my apartment, and 3. I’m not really a child anymore. So, I had the pleasure and delight of helping a friend paint her daughters room. Annika should be very excited, but I think her mom and I take care of that job for her. Mom had the inspiration and I helped sketch out what it would look like and get it up on the wall. Annika helped a lot too, or would have if we had let her near a paint brush with real paint in it. She was satisfied with the no-paint version of the brush too.

The room is cute, and look just like the drawings with made up. I was amazed that it turned out how we planned. Two planes and a hotair balloon hang from the vaulted ceiling (that part had nothing to do with me). We might add a painted ladybug climbing/ flying around the corner by the window (left of crib). You can’t really see it in the photos, but Annika has a very cute table and chairs by the corner window where she can sit and color.

See more of the photos here


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