happy belated

November 15, 2008 § 1 Comment

belated gift

Happy Birthday Mom (last Sunday)! I didn’t want to break tradition and finish your present on time this year.  You get to see the real deal when I see you in a few weeks, so here is a sneak peek of your gift [see, I have at least started it]. I planned on blogging about this on your Birthday, as a concession to not having it arrive at your door, but I didn’t manage that eaither. I did try mind you. The internet from the library has been sporadic this week- I blame the rain for that. Can rain make a wi-fi signal weak? It seems so in my experience. The color is off a bit in the photo, that is because of the rain. My skin is not that pasty and the green alpaca is richer too. I hope you know that my ability to complete gifts is not a reflection on my feelings for you.  Happy Birthday!


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  • Mom says:

    Thanks. I thought you had on a blue or purple long-sleeved shirt, but I guess that really is just bad color balance. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed project. You know that all the art-sie stuff you make always impresses me.

    See you next week. I love you.

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