Moomins and goat poems

November 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

moomin biscuits

Yesterday we strolled down the aisles at Fubonn (they tout that they are the largest Asian shopping center in the state) with excitment but my heart stopped when I saw the Moomin Biscuits. As you see, I got the chocolate and regular biscuit flavor. I think this is most certainly the first Moomin product that I have seen in person, other than the books.

Almost as exciting were the “shredded tapioca,” which are tapioca noodle-like things that look like those zig-zag french fries from school lunch. I got a package of those too. Back in day when I was allergic to everything that normal people eat, and lived in California, I would eat these tapioca noodles- but I haven’t seen them since. There were so many things at Fubonn that I wanted to get to try but we resisted and decided to go back when we had a recipe in mind. They had all sorts of picked things, and beautiful mushrooms and quail eggs, even the ramen-like noddle packs looked tempting. I was hungry at the time, and I could smell the food from a Japanese resturant next door as we walked into the store- but there were also a lot of things I would like to try. They had green bean popsicles, now that sounds like something I used to eat.

On a different cultural note, I would love to see these goats strut the cat walk at the “Beautiful Goat” pageant in Saudi Arabia. People do it with dogs, why not goats? Poets recited “odes in praise of the goats over the load speaker” during the competition. Ahhhhhhhhh- I always feel the urge to make goat and sheep sounds when I see the animals. Here is a beautiful picture (of a goat of course) and a poem.

P.S. I have been working on updating the “on the needles” page. Take a look.


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§ 2 Responses to Moomins and goat poems

  • Ryan says:

    Things I buy at the Asian market ’cause they’re cheaper:
    coconut milk, noodles, panko bread crumbs, fish sauce, shriracha sauce, curry paste. They also usually have things like the little white eggplants and okra that you can only find in the expensive gourmet stores. And you can also get the Hello Panda cookies there. I’ve never seen the moomin biscuits but I even love the design of the box.

  • tangledfleece says:

    I agree, the fish sauce alone is worth a trip- it comes in such a small bottle at conventional stores- and about the “gourmet” produce items too. I haven’t tried Hello Panda, next trip. Have you tried Men’s Pocky?

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