Fall socks

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Finished socks hanging out with the pumpkins. I agree with Ryan’s comment and continued the socks- wonky striping and all. That’s the hand knit quality shining through. Now I want more hand knit socks, besides my sock collection has significantly dwindled in the last few years. I think I have a tendency to knit my socks a bit to big because my feet are so wide that the final measurement around is generous for the narrower end of my platypus-shaped foot. You can see a little bit of the bunch around the straps of my shoes. Next time I’ll probably take a little off of that measurement and let the sock stretch to best fit. Extra ease and all, the socks are super cozy.

Yarn: Socks that Rock- Blue Moon Fiber Arts, superwash merino/ lightweight

Pattern: Universal toe-up, with a little 2-stitch cable pattern


hand winding yarn

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Ooooooo, pretty yarnwinding yarn into ballhand wound ball

This is the other skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts-Socks that Rock yarn that I got at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this year. It is so pretty that I had to take a picture of it in it’s natural hand dyed wonder before I mess with it. Then a spent some quiet time winding it into a ball. Sometimes tedious to wind by hand but also medetative (like knitting but even simpler), and dedicated solely to thinking about how beautiful and soft merino is. I wound this ball so that it is a center-pull, and it looks so romantic to have hand wound balls of yarn around.

I started the project with this yarn today but it’s top secret since it is on the Fall birthdays/Holiday 2008 handmade gift list. I had a wip’s (works in progress) page a while back when I started blogging, but I deleted it when I got tired of seeing some of the projects that just wouldn’t go away. Persistent buggers, never knit themselves. I’m thinking about bringing the wip’s page back. I have finished some of them (I think) and started a slew of new things- it could be fun to post all of the wip’s in one place.


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hat before blocking

I knit up the Foliage hat at the cabin and started wearing it right away. This is what it looks like before it was blocked. And this is what it looks like after…not so different after all. I really haven’t knit that many hats, or at least ones that fit. I like knitting hats. I recently overheard someone say that they used to knit but just don’t know what to make so they haven’t knitted in years. I’m not sure what is wrong with the individual but I can think of at least, at least, 10 things that I want to make for myself right now. The list is longer for things I want to make for others. Right now I am trying to stay focused on Fall birthdays and Christmas which is right around the corner.

You can see a bit in the photo that I got my hair cut, really short. So far I like it a lot and just let it air dry and flip out into it’s natural puff. Some days I look in the mirror and think of the Quaker Oatmeal man and his hat- there’s quite a bit of flip on the sides these days. Now that it’s hat weather I can always wear a hat for a bit and tame down the flip- or just wear the hat.

Pattern: Foliage

Yarn: Cascade 220, Dune Heather

Needles: dpn #6 and #4


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Peterson Prairie Guard Station

We have returned from our little Autumn vacation. We stayed at the Peterson Prairie Guard Station for two nights. It was cozy and a wonderful place to stay. Except for a few loggers and even fewer hunters there was almost no one around so it was very quiet and peaceful. We did a little exploring but it was damp and overcast mostly so we stayed inside and roasted s’mores (we brought yummy Trader Joe’s vanilla marshmallows), napped, knitted, read, and stayed warm by the fire. All of the firewood was alreeady chopped and stocked in the cabin when we arrived. The area around the cabin, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, is a great place in “Spring, Summer, and Fall” according to the ranger, but it seems that there are also lots of groomed snow trails for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. People can rent the cabin all year round and from reading the guest log there is a lot of snow in the winter. After the cabin we headed up to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest with friends.

Some photos from our trip.

roasting s'mores in the fireplace

fall twigs


maple leaf

volcanic rock

leaping Lars

Wenatchee River (I think)

Oktoberfest parade

Oktoberfest was good for sock and sweater watching. I took a few pictures of the “scenery” to get photos of good knitted garments on strangers. I didn’t get a picture of the green and white entrelac loferl I saw, but the man in the middle in the photo above is sporting a nice pair of loferl. One of the loferl wearing Bavarian’s told us that they were originally made from old socks (that were beyond repair?)- as a practical way of saving materials and staying warm. This article here talks about the “mystery” of the loferl. It seems to be translated from a German article, but basicaly they think that loferl were for practical and modest purposes.

wonky striping

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So the question is, why do they stripe differently? Is it where on the yarn I started each sock? Or, is it because it is mill end discount yarn and there are some inconsistencies in the hand dye? I’m secretly hoping it is a defect because that would mean I can’t do anything about it to fix it and wouldn’t be compeled to take out the second sock and start over.  The yarn is a beautiful variety of Socks that Rock- Blue Moon Fiber Arts, superwash merino/ lightweight.

We are taking off today for a little vacation (yea!) at a cabin in the forest. I’m brigning a basket of yarn and a few books. There is hiking and mushrooming around but it may start raining so I plan to be prepared.

Before I go I have a movie recommendation, The Fall. You should rent it, it’s beautiful.

organizing notions

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notions jar

My sewing table is enjoying some new organization. (Simple directions on how to make pincushion jar here)

Other inspiring pincushions: these are very inspiring, something simple and beautiful, this one is colorful and something patchy.

I have an interesting aura

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bird and berries Today I purchased my first hot glue gun. I’m amazed that I waited this long, because I like the quick fix for impulsive projects and making little rip-away notepads. So I was in the line at the crap store, I mean craft store, with my 40% off cupon and the cashier greeted me and then continued to stare at me. She let me know that I have “an interesting aura.” It’s hard to have more of a resoponse than, “oh, I do?” She didn’t explain furthur but she did continue to stare at me until I left. The aura didn’t seem to radiate to the hot glue though because we had a few struggles, when they say hot they mean it. I’m used to the kid friendly ones at work and I think I like them better because they cool so fast there isn’t much waiting time. Funny, I’m typicaly a really patient person.

On a some what related note, check out the Church of Craft.

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