September 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

ibook kaput

I took a long break from posting to grieve the loss of my blogging friend and companion, my ibook. It had a relatively long life for a laptop and suddenly decided to kick the bucket about 3 weeks ago. The fan still works, very loudly, but that’s about it. Lars and I are sharing a laptop now and I’ve had to adjust to that and setting up everything from scratch, (new settings, bookmarks, etc). The greatest loss were all of the knitting and sewing patterns that I had either saved, scanned or bookmarks.

So I have been checking out books from the library and starting new projects, but mostly avoiding the computer. I hope to be getting out of my slump and posting about the newest completed project and the new wip’s.

Right now I’m ready for change and I’m not dissapointed about the end of summer at all, even secretly hopeing for a cold and stormy winter. Any days that the public schools are closed due to incliment weather I get to take a paid snow day off. Of course we don’t usually get many of those but it doesn’t take much for the schools to close when there is any snow or ice. I have a full load of fall and winter projects for birthday and Christmas presents coming up.


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