labeling and sorting

August 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

yarn swatch

I couldn’t continue with my weekend cleaning yesterday without organizing yarn labels into my notebook. It has been about a year since I pasted in labels but I have been saving them in different drawers, bags and baskets. Originally the note book was for recording project details alongside a bit of the yarn and label. Now if I get the label and corresponding yarn into the notebook I feel pretty good- I have a good memory for color and texture so I can usually remember what the finished project(s) are. I don’t have a good memory for numbers or words so I couldn’t tell you what size needle or the name of a pattern I used for any project including the ones I’m working on now. That really is something I should try to document into the notebook. I haven’t bought a lot of yarn in the last year- but there was one major Cascade 220 purchase and those labels were the hardest to sort out. I did a little verifying online to make sure I had them matched up with the right colors and discovered that I had identified two of the circles with the wrong colors. I’m feeling more put together now- and I did eventually get to cleaning too. What do people usually call this kind of yarn organization (when they aren’t part of Ravelry)?


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