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I am so happy my hands were shaking when I took these photos, or it was the honey I OD on this morning. Some of you might know that I have been day dreaming about set up my own worm compost for a long time now. I really wanted a nice wooden bin for them to live in but settled for the (free) plastic bin for now. There’s a lots to read online about vermiculture or vermicompost. Martha Stewart had a good article about how to set if up in the March ’07 issue. Treehugger also has a lot of good things to say about the process and how to get it going.


1. Drill ventilation hole for the wormmies to breath.


2. fill 3/4 full with damp shredded newspaper for bedding (I watered the paper with a watering can)

my new pets

3. get worms: Red Wigglers (Eisenia foetida) or Red Earthworms (Lumbricus rubellus). They are available at many nurseries and online, I found some locally on Craigslist.


4. that really is a little tiny worm in there, I saw it wiggle.

their first supper

5. Food for the worms. They eat produce and grains, everything but animal products and fats.

buring my food scraps

6. bury the food scraps around the bin so that the worms crawl around throughout the bedding.

worms nesting

7. The worms nesting in. I gently spread the worms and their castings around the bin after this photo. In theory they will eat the food and beading and then turn it into lovely poop. Obviously the process works because there were traces of newspaper and some uneaten food (avocado skin) in with my new worms. I hope I can keep a balanced environment for my new pets so I don’t having rotting trash outside my front door.


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