Homemade cloches

June 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

cloche on display

A finished cloche practicing with the parsley. After some more reading I found my nerve and started bothering the neighbors by tapping glass for hours in my attempts to remove the tops. Here is my process…

shinytoolsV-apparatusnotchapparatusset upscoringfirst cutbutter knife tooltappingsandingone and two

[left to right, top to bottom] 1. glass jugs clean and shiny 2. Tools: 2 pieces of scrap wood, sand paper, old butter knife, glass cutter (other tools not shown drill, screws, craft knife, small piece of felt) 3. Screw wood together at 90 degree angle 4. Cut notch for glass cutter to rest securely 5. Insert bolt/ nail/ etc on one end and cover with piece of felt to keep end of jug in place as it is rotated 6. Bottle set up for cutting 7. Hold glass cutter in place while turning bottle with other hand (getting the position where I was comfortable seemed to be the biggest factor in cutting a straight line) I sat on the ground with the apparatus braced against my left thigh and the neck of the bottle pointing away from me 8. Cut line around bottle 9. Bend butter knife so that the heavy end can reach the inside of scored line 10. Tap lightly (really it is better to tap than wack) over and over again until scored line cracks. You will know when the whole line has cracked because the sound will resonate differently, pull off top 11. Sand raw edge 12. The first cut (bottle on the right) took me about an hour (of frustration and loud wacking) until I found the right set up for me and the right tool to wack with (thanks Lars for the good idea). The second cut looks much better and wasn’t as difficult.

The finished 6 cloches. My success rate was about 50/50. Three have (nearly) straight cuts and no hairline cracks. One (back right) has a huge chunk that broke off but the cloche could be pushed into the soil to hide that. The last two I may toss since the cracks could continue and break especially in changing temperatures. What I read was correct, “practice, practice, practice.” I’m pretty happy with the results and I didn’t cut my self at all (ha!). I’m thinking about getting glass knobs to epoxy to the tops for a finished and unique look. Now I need more garden space…

finished cloches


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