crochet and things that I learned to like

May 27, 2008 § 1 Comment


Crochet is one of those things that I didn’t like until recently. It wasn’t that act of crocheting that wasn’t pleasing because I like the methodical simplicity of basic crochet. It was the lackluster look of the craft that seemed keep me away. Before I offend anyone, I should say that I don’t think crocheting is dreary or below knitting, but I didn’t fully appreciate it before. I could be wrong about this, but I think there is a butt-load, as my co-worker would say, of really retched crocheted items out there. Many have sentimental value because a granny or child made them, but some of just plain ugly. Sorry folks, it’s true. We’ve all seen them.

I checked out a lot of crochet books from the library and have found a new appreciation for it. This broomstick stitch from Super Stitch Crochet by Jennifer Campbell was a big contributer to changing my mind about the beauty of crochet.

The cone of yellow cotton above followed me home from an art material swap. I’ve made one little thing so far. Lars tried to guess how many more cuffs I could crochet from this cone, it was a big number.

yellow cuffbuttons

Other things that I have learned to like (and what changed my mind):

beret’s (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Pink & red together (college art project)

lace (I guess I realized not all lace is itchy, and knitted lace is divine)

gold (a shantung silk dress in a greenish-gold)

Most of these things don’t fit with of the danish-modern or earthy-rustic styles that I usually like, but mixed all together they make for a nice bohemian-eclectic look.


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