Benadryl and knitting

May 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of those goes well with cats (for me) and the other doesn’t. I’ll let you guess which one. We are house sitting this week and affectionate doesn’t describe the house cat. Needy, as in I need to sleep with my paws tucked under your chin and my whiskers tickling your face, better describes her. Despite the dander I like the cuddly affection- but not the claws on my neck at 6am. The most comfortable place for her to sit is right on my hands, so that means on the keyboard or knitting. And using two circular knitting needles is very exciting because then there is yarn and two shiny things dangling about to play with.

On my needles right now is a softie with five and a half legs so far. He will go home with a little guy who is turning 1 next month.

Girl with cat, 1939-46, J. Peterson, Shetland Museum and Archives

I love the texture (and knee socks) in this photo. There is another one here of the same cat and girl knitting a different garment.


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