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It’s a special occasion- I shaved my legs. Presenting, my first pair of socks. There was just enough yarn to make little socklets. And…they match our building.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts- Sock Candy, 200yrds, 96% cotton, 4% elite

Pattern: Knitty- Universal toe-up sock formula


cotton is for Spring

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notre dame de grace

It must be seasonal because I have the sudden motivation to start working on the notre dame de grace (Interweave Knits, Summer 2007) sweater again…almost a year later. I’ve since noticed that the gauge is all off so I really do mean start again. The yarn is Cascade Sierra- gray wolf, 80% cotton/ 20% merino. It has a tendency to  split a little- particularly after being frogged– but I like the feel of it and it shows off the texture of this pattern well. I try not to pick yarns, or other products for that matter, by the color’s name but gray wolf has a nice sound. With an additonal year of knitting experience under my belt [picture now: me looking cocky] I might even try to modify the pattern, like lengthening the body a bit. I know, that sounds bold.

tick tock

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Some of you might have been wondering why I blog at 5:23am or other random times of day, and the answer to that question is, I don’t. I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the time set up right on WordPress. Every time I think I’ve mastered it I come back and it’s off, again. On the other hand, my new-ish alarm clock doesn’t let you forget the time. The ticking noise is nice, but the Brrrrrrrring in the morning can be ummm… alarming.  Thoughts about stuffing it full of cotton balls or  swaddling it in sweaters come to mind in the morning (because I like mornings). It’s not a zen alarm clock, but an improvement over the standard clock radio buzzer.

block one

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log cabin

First log cabin block pinned up. Our progress has been slow but all of the strips are cut and ready to be pieced. I’m in love with some of the fabrics that we selected, like the purple one, the white-on-white print, and the gray fabric has a nice soft texture. My favorite (not in this block) is a brown damask print with bunnies that look like chocolate bunnies.

Another fabric that I have been fetishizing about and finally picked up during the last sale at the fabric store. Free Spirit, Heather Ross: Lightning bugs and other mysteries.

fish in bags

I can hardly contain myself when I look at the gnome and mushroom prints in the collection.


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sock yarn

Just started knitting my first pair of socks with this sock yarn (Sock Candy: Hand Painted Fiber) that I got in the Fall at the Blue Moon extravaganza sale in Scappoose.  It’s a mill end but there aren’t any flaws that I can tell. I can see now why people describe themselves as addicted to sock knitting, and all of the beautiful sock yarns…

back again

April 11, 2008 § 3 Comments

My short break turned into a long break due to amazing February weather and many other excuses (like the importance of watching Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 and baking batches of biscotti and eating them within 48 hours) Really I took a nice long break from the Internet and it was nice. I have been trying to actually make time to do more creative things and not just dream about them- although there is still a lot of dreaming happening. I even thought about quiting blogging all together- given that my record for consistency isn’t so good- but realized that I missed it. So now I have a lot of updates on projects and such.

Project update #1: felted table runner pattern turned rug. So far I’ve knit 18 circles and hand felted five. I thought that all of the colors were Cascade 220 but as I knit more with Carrot the label, hidden under yarn rewound around the ball, was exposed and it turns out to be KnitPicks Wool of the Andes.


Dusty Rose New Lavender
Granny Smith
Vandyke Brown
Doeskin Heather
Periwinkle Sky

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