Don’t try this at home folks

December 22, 2007 § 2 Comments

Just last month I made Martha Stewart’s hand-warmers using ceramic pie weights sewn between soft felt. The first pair I made I tested in the microwave and got the time wrong. I knew right away that something wasn’t right when the plate they were sitting on in the microwave blew up and the smell of burnt wool wafted out. After cursing and looking back at Martha’s directions I realized that I had cooked them way to long. So I made a fresh pair and gave them to my mom for her birthday. I thought that this was a great gift idea and I was also intensely attracted to the materials. The pie weights just look so nice.



So then I wanted to make more hand-warmers as Christmas gifts. To my surprise I couldn’t find Martha Stewart’s directions on her website when I looked so I Googled to see if I could find it somewhere else. This is what I found. Reading Sassy’s blog made me feel better about my microwave explosion, at least I’m not to only one that this didn’t work for. But I am disappointed that I don’t have a creative use for the pie weights.



To relieve my guilt I made up some simple hand-warmers filled with buckwheat hulls to replace the flammable variety. Sorry mom.


“Please act suprised”

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I needed a little bit of cheer today and was happy to find some printable gift tags from other crafty bloggers. My favorite are the tags from Angry Chicken, with all of the statements that we want to say when we give gifts (probably better left unsaid but the tags can say it for you). Cute tags from Camilla (you can also print out her tags from last year which I love), and some nice tags from Paperseed.

Gingerbread house from last year. I like gingerbread houses almost as much as I loved the scratch and sniff “Hansel and Gretel” storybook I had as a child. Hmmm…I still love the scratch and sniff pine branch and cookie better.


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Last week…

…this week, some finality. I have had so many projects going it was overwhelming!

It feels good to tie up some ends and get some things completed. So here is the finished sweater for Little K. I ended up ripping out the ruffle again and going with a simple rolled edge- as the pattern calls for. I like it much better this way, even thought a ruffle would be nice. I took the photo a day late, no sun on the day I took the photo but now it is off in the mail to the little one. Overall I like this pattern, but I think that I have some more ideas of how I would design my own pattern. Next time, when I have lots of chances to frog the sweater and start again.

Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple- Children’s neckdown pullover

Size: 2-4

Yarn: Somoa- light pink, Barbie pink, red, and sunshine

50% Cotton/ 50% Microfiber

Penguins and Steam Trains

December 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

Some wee ones recently told me about the current penguin exhibit at OMSI with great enthusiasm and a full demonstration of how penguins walk. I felt some of that same childhood joy and excitement seeing this steam train chugging and whistling through Oaks Bottom. Lars took the photos while I reminded him how cold I was. Portland has made me a weather softy.

My internet connection has been lacking energy, and so have I- hence the lack of posts recently. But I feel some of the energy returning and I will have updates on finished knitting and progress on my handmade holiday gifts too. Hope everyone is enjoying the little things of the season, like visits from the gnomes!

God Jul

December 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

I listened to Christmas music on the radio on the way home from work today. It doesn’t really seem like December yet, but the rain is reminding me how much I miss a good snow.

Little me

December 3, 2007 § Leave a comment

The pattern pieces for a doll soon to become a small likeness of myself. I am going to be making these dolls with a group of girls that I work with and I’m familiarizing myself with this pattern (aka I couldn’t wait to start sewing a doll for myself). The pattern is a Vogue pattern, which turns out is one of few doll patterns that one can buy at the fabric store. I’m sure there are many other- and better patterns out there but this was the most accessible.

After starting the sewing with my colleagues, we are thinking about simplifying the pattern for the girls because of time constraints and such. Another learning I had- picking out fabric that matches your skin color is difficult and not the color I thought it would be. Of course, it depends if we are talking about the color of my face or the color of my stomach.

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