November 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

I have been thinking about the many handmade gifts that I could make this holiday season for months now. So when I decided to take the Handmade Pledge a few weeks ago it seemed so logical- and a good incentive to follow through with some of my plans. I made lists, drew sketches, spent sleepless nights thinking about materials…there has been a lot of thought so far. However, now it is nearing the end of November (very fast!) and I have started few of these projects.

Generally I have a hard time not taking on too many things in my life but hate the feeling of unfinished projects laying around- like the notre dame de grace sweater (that I haven’t picked up in months.) So I have been telling myself not to start new projects or presents until others were finished. Well now I think I may need to broaden my thinking and look into handmade by others.

I visited a Global Folk Art Bazar last weekend that was bursting at the seams with fair trade handmade goods. Wonderful, but I didn’t make any purchases since I was still thinking about making many gifts. There is one more Crafty Wonderland before Christmas. The hardest thing so far about giving only handmade gifts is also giving a gift that is useful to the recipient. Not everyone on my list likes tea cozies as much as I do.

Not handmade, but could be. Knit and neoprene covers for teamaker and water carafe (there is also a coffee-maker) by Eva solo.


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