Swiss made

November 5, 2007 § 4 Comments

These are Elna’s feet. They are all very attractive and interesting to look at, however I honestly have little idea how most of them work. I can imagine what some might be for but don’t know much about how they attach to the machine. I’ll give my best guess to their function here, let me know if you know more.

1. something relating to sewing piping-like binding?



2. This one is so complicated looking I’m not even sure where to start.



3. Simple looking, part of something else?



4. Fabric is held under the clip and…that part looks sharp but isn’t.



5. This one has a spring and moves in lots of great ways, something with thick fabrics or quilting?



6. Which way is up?



7. I tried one of these, eyelet and button hole plates?



8. Hmmm, I’m stumped.



9. This one has the word binder on it, for sewing binding.


§ 4 Responses to Swiss made

  • Ryan says:

    1. rolled hem foot
    2. ?
    3. ? maybe for appliques?
    4. looks like it might do the “blue jean” type of seam.
    5. walking foot for quilting
    6. I think the eye sits on the fabric but I don’t know what it does.
    7. the holes are so tiny does it really make an eyelet?
    8. zipper foot
    9. for sewing bias tape on the edge of fabrics

  • Mom says:

    I believe #8 is the zipper foot

  • tangledfleece says:

    now I just have to figure out how to get them attached in the right direction…

  • Beth says:

    #1hem stitch, fabrick goes in, rolls and stiches the hem all at the same time usually used for fine fabrics
    #2 maybe a ruffler
    #3 looks like a button foot
    #5 I think is a walking foot, used for quiling through all layers so the top layer does not move, also great for sewing leather
    #7 I think straight stitch plat, great when you a quilt piecing so the fabric does not get caught in the plate, second one is zig-zag I think
    #8 zipper foot
    #9 make differant size bindings
    You might write Elna they may have the old books for this machine.

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