Mommin Valley

November 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

If you don’t know about the Mommins, I recommend Moominvalley in November for the seasonal relevance , or one of my favorites Momminland Midwinter by Finish painter, illustrator, and author Tove Jansson. Actually I love all of the books. This is one of my favorite photos of Mommin paraphernalia on Flickr.


I took this online quiz, in Norwegian, and found out that I am most like Moominmamma.

Hvem er du i Mummidalen?

My best understanding of the quiz results, with the help an online translator and my English-Norwegian dictionary, is as follows: “You’re Mommin mamma! You’re clever and thoughtful. Those with problems go to you for advice , and you have frequently an answer.”

Mmmm….I don’t know if it is exactly me, but I have seen some similarities between myself and Moominmamma before. I have to admit that I took the quiz twice. My excuse is that I might not have fully understood all of the questions or multiple choices answers. My first results said that I was Little My, full of energy and with little regard for others, I think that is what it said anyway. Since I didn’t agree I answered some of the questions differently the second time…I have a big nose right?

I haven’t posted about knitting in a while. Short update, I’m finishing up a cowl that I spontaneously started over the weekend (I’ll have photos soon when there is some natural light) and have been cooking up some ideas in my head, more mittens and a sweater for a little K.


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