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I have been thinking about the many handmade gifts that I could make this holiday season for months now. So when I decided to take the Handmade Pledge a few weeks ago it seemed so logical- and a good incentive to follow through with some of my plans. I made lists, drew sketches, spent sleepless nights thinking about materials…there has been a lot of thought so far. However, now it is nearing the end of November (very fast!) and I have started few of these projects.

Generally I have a hard time not taking on too many things in my life but hate the feeling of unfinished projects laying around- like the notre dame de grace sweater (that I haven’t picked up in months.) So I have been telling myself not to start new projects or presents until others were finished. Well now I think I may need to broaden my thinking and look into handmade by others.

I visited a Global Folk Art Bazar last weekend that was bursting at the seams with fair trade handmade goods. Wonderful, but I didn’t make any purchases since I was still thinking about making many gifts. There is one more Crafty Wonderland before Christmas. The hardest thing so far about giving only handmade gifts is also giving a gift that is useful to the recipient. Not everyone on my list likes tea cozies as much as I do.

Not handmade, but could be. Knit and neoprene covers for teamaker and water carafe (there is also a coffee-maker) by Eva solo.


Fairies and ruffle

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More progress on Little K’s sweater. The swatch is my practice for the striped sleeves. I’m considering stripes for the rolled neck too, or maybe just pink. I’m having mid-project doubts right now about the shaping. For the photo I actually tucked an inch or so of the sides back. The finished pattern measurements are 15″ long and 30″ around which is what the sweater measures right now.

However, it looks so short and stout- I can’t decide if that’s okay and will hang right on a little one or if it should be closer to 25″ around. I had the same doubts about the Josephine sweater but it fits just right. One thing that I did modify was that I didn’t decrease stitches at the bottom edge since I was adding the ruffle. I might rip back past the ruffle and do the decreases before the ruffle.

Surrealistic Pebbles

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I can’t get over how wonderful I think these soft Livingstones are. I want to touch them. I am also amazed by the subtle effect of the stitched lines, they look like real pebbles.
On the note of soft creations in the form of nature, I love Tamar Mogendorff‘s sprouting avacodo and other softies.

I first saw Tamar’s mushrooms highlighted in Blueprint (May/ June 2007), a Martha Stewart magazine. I have to admit that Martha Stewart design is my guilty pleasure. I feel like I should despise her capitalistic empire of coordinating sticker sheets, shower curtains and spatulas- available now at 3 different chain stores across the nation- but some days I wish that I could live between the well designed pages of her glossy magazines. There is much inspiration to be had in those pages.

K for Little-K

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I just started the sweater for Little-K. The most important feature of the sweater, pink- her favorite color. The darker pink is for a big K on the front. I’m using a top down pattern and I’m just about ready to start colorwork for the K, but still finalizing a chart for the letter. I used KnitPro initially, but then made a new chart of my own so that I’m sure it will be the right proportions for my gauge. I like making charts but the math makes my head hurt a little.

The sweater is going to have some other fun colorwork like stripes and maybe some pattern on the sleeves and bottom edge. Maybe some knitted ruffle happening too.

Pointelle progress

November 8, 2007 § 1 Comment

Progress on the cowl which measures about 15″ right now. I’m still undecided on the two colors together. In natural sunny light the colors blend together better and in artificial or low light there is more contrast between the greens.

When I tried it on, Lars laughed at me, probably because I look like I’m off to pick mushrooms in the forest.

Children in the forest by Elsa Beskow

Swiss made

November 5, 2007 § 4 Comments

These are Elna’s feet. They are all very attractive and interesting to look at, however I honestly have little idea how most of them work. I can imagine what some might be for but don’t know much about how they attach to the machine. I’ll give my best guess to their function here, let me know if you know more.

1. something relating to sewing piping-like binding?



2. This one is so complicated looking I’m not even sure where to start.



3. Simple looking, part of something else?



4. Fabric is held under the clip and…that part looks sharp but isn’t.



5. This one has a spring and moves in lots of great ways, something with thick fabrics or quilting?



6. Which way is up?



7. I tried one of these, eyelet and button hole plates?



8. Hmmm, I’m stumped.



9. This one has the word binder on it, for sewing binding.


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Problem: I’m always chilled in the winter and when I wear a scarf inside they inevitably dangle in my cooking, eating, cleaning, and teeth brushing (actually the spitting part). I also like the idea of conserving energy and reducing the electric bill but would like to live in a sauna.


Solution: I’m knitting this cowl from the Knitpicks Elegance (70% baby alpaca, 30% silk) from my stash and would like the finished cowl to be at least 20″ so that I will be able to pull it over my head. I looked at a lot of cowl patterns online before deciding to make-up a simple pattern myself to the specifications that I had in mind. Basically a knitted tube in a pointelle lace pattern. I wanted it snug enough around my neck so that it is warm, and also big enough and long enough to go over the head.

The cowl measures about 10″ long now and I am more than halfway through the yarn. I have another, lighter, color of green alpaca that was given to me by a friend who is allergic to alpaca. I’m still contemplating what it would look like to have a two toned cowl.

orla kiely

This image from the Orla Kiely Autumn/ Winter ’06 collection. I’m using similar colors and the same pattern to make a felted pair of mittens. I don’t think that I am going to do the brown thumb tip though.


My swatch looks dirty because I felted it with jeans and some old tennis balls that had gone through with the Snirt Mitten. The yarn is Cascade 220, Pear and Doeskin Heather, I’m loving this color combination. This photo is a little overexposed, the pear yellow is actually darker than it appears here, but still a tad lighter than the Kiely mitten.

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