Harvest Moon

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Images from a video illustrated by Katy Horan‘s (see more about Katy and the video at her blog katy*art) Watch the hight quality version here.

We hiked with some friends this weekend at Silver Falls State Park and finished just as the harvest moon was rising. It was a spectacular end to a beautiful hike.


Meet the “Miracle Brain”

October 28, 2007 § 1 Comment

quilt detail

Elna and I became friends three years ago when she was lovingly handed down to me from a family friend. We pieced the quilt above together for Lars as a wedding present. From what I have gathered, Elna was born some time between 1958 – 1963 and is very similar to her more well known sibling referred to as the Elna Supermatic Grasshopper.

My Elna is beige/ brown and looks just like the second machine shown here except for the color. I have almost all of the interchangeable discs that fit into the “miracle brain” for making decorative stitches. Barbie elegantly shows the stitches in the image below (found here).

I have the basic instructions to the machine, but when I say basic I mean just the basics. During my Internet research I learned that the machine can be inserted into the opened carrying case as an extended work platform. That’s more exciting that I had expected to feel about an old metal box that weighs more than a puppy.

So far, Elna has been strong, smart (in looks and intelligence), and reliable- just like many women that I know. However, Elna is not very verbal and has not been able to answer some of my questions like, “Elna, what are all of your feet for?” She has many intriguing feet and I have yet to discover the uses. I will be sharing some of my favorite feet in the following post(s).

Hello, Dolly?

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“I said hello, dolly,…..well, hello, dolly
Its so nice to have you back where you belong
Youre lookin swell, dolly…..i can tell, dolly
Youre still glowin…youre still crowin…youre still goin strong”



Jean-Luc Cornec‘s Telefonschafe at the Museum für Kommunikation, Germany

Warm woolen mittens

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Finished mittens for Lars knit with Cascade 220 Charcoal Gray. Ironically it was an unusually warm day, no need for mittens yet.

The (urban snirt) Mitten

October 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

Knitting these mittens reminded me of Jan Brett’s The Mitten, only the mitten might get lost in the the snirt (snow+dirt) of the city, not the pristine white snow of the storybook. I was going to take another photo of a big mitten pre-felting but I was too excited to shrink them up. I’m not sure what animals would take refuge inside an urban snirt mitten, but around her it would certainly include big spiders, beavers, and slugs. Before felting, the mittens looked like a squirrel may have tried them on.

Post-felting the mittens should be just the right size for an urban boy (who may or may not loose one in the snirt). They are drying now so I should have photos soon. The mittens are the first wearable felted knit that I have made, so I hope they are both the same size. The pattern is from Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas. I like a lot of the patterns in this book and plan to make more mittens and some slippers soon too.

finished figs

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Hand stitching seems to have worked for the edging, and my lunch is happy to be contained in a bag. I have more fig oil cloth but haven’t decided what it may become.





Personified Tree

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tree sweater

tree sweater

Tree Cozy by Carol Hummel, see the tree in another season here

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